October 2019

Mocking is catching

October 28, 2019 | Posts on R-hub blog

When writing unit tests for a package, you might find yourself wondering about how to best test the behaviour of your package when the data it’s supposed to munge has this or that quirk, when the operating system is Windows, when a package enhancing its functionality is not there, ... [Read more...]

Dogs of New York

October 28, 2019 | R on kieranhealy.org

The other week I took a few publicly-available datasets that I use for teaching data visualization and bundled them up into an R package called nycdogs. The package has datasets on various aspects of dog ownership in New York City, and amongst other things you can draw maps with it ... [Read more...]

Spelunking macOS ‘ScreenTime’ App Usage with R

October 28, 2019 | hrbrmstr

Apple has brought Screen Time to macOS for some time now and that means it has to store this data somewhere. Thankfully, Sarah Edwards has foraged through the macOS filesystem for us and explained where these bits of knowledge are in her post, Knowledge is Power! Using the macOS/iOS ...
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Renaming all files in a folder in R

October 28, 2019 | George Mount

I hate the way files are run in a camera. While it was cool to learn for this post that DSCN stands for “Digital Still Capture – Nikon,” it means nothing to me! For this post, I will be renaming the files that I took from Worden Ledges into a more “...
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Illuminating the Illuminated Part Two: Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est

October 28, 2019 | tineidae

In the previous post in this series we coyly unveiled the tantalising mysteries of the Voynich Manuscript: an early 15th century text written in an unknown alphabet, filled with compelling illustrations of plants, humans, astronomical charts, and less easily-identifiable entities. Stretching back into the murky history of the Voynich Manuscript,... [Read more...]

Data Science – A New Hope for Good

October 28, 2019 | Mango Solutions

Good triumphing over evil in the end is the stuff of every good fairy tale or Hollywood storyline, but in real life, as we all know, it’s usually the tales of political doom and gloom across the world that dominate our screens with stories of good remaining well away ... [Read more...]

Bojack the Data Scientist

October 28, 2019 | Almog Simchon

New Season of Bojack Horseman – NO SPOILERS! A new season of my favorite show, Bojack Horseman, just dropped on Netflix, and I have absolutely zero time to sit down and watch it. However, in some magical way there was time for me to write this blog post and do this ...
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Reconstructing Images Using PCA

October 27, 2019 | R on kieranhealy.org

A decade or more ago I read a nice worked example from the political scientist Simon Jackman demonstrating how to do Principal Components Analysis. PCA is one of the basic techniques for reducing data with multiple dimensions to some much smaller subset that nevertheless represents or condenses the information we ... [Read more...]

Le Monde puzzle [#1115]

October 27, 2019 | xi'an

A two-person game as Le weekly Monde current mathematical puzzle: Two players Amaruq and Atiqtalik are in a game with n tokens where Amaruq chooses a number 1
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minio.s3: A MinIO connector package for R

October 27, 2019 | Nagdev

MinIO is a high performance, distributed object storage system. It is software-defined, runs on industry standard hardware and is 100% open source under the Apache V2 license[1]. Today, MinIO is deployed globally with over 272.5M+ docker pulls and 18K+ git commits. MinIO is written in “go” language. So, expect it to ...
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New Introduction to rquery

October 27, 2019 | John Mount

Introduction rquery is a data wrangling system designed to express complex data manipulation as a series of simple data transforms. This is in the spirit of R’s base::transform(), or dplyr’s dplyr::mutate() and uses a pipe in the style popularized in R with magrittr. The operators themselves ... [Read more...]

littler 0.3.9: More nice new features

October 27, 2019 | Thinking inside the box

The tenth release of littler as a CRAN package is now available, following in the thirteen-ish year history as a package started by Jeff in 2006, and joined by me a few weeks later. littler is the first command-line interface for R as it predates Rscript. It allows for piping as ... [Read more...]


October 26, 2019 | statcompute

In practice, GRNN is very similar to GAM (Generalized Additive Models) in the sense that they both shared the flexibility of approximating non-linear functions. In the example below, both GRNN and GAM were applied to the Kyphosis data that has been widely experimented in examples of GAM and revealed very ...
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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Plotnine

October 26, 2019 | Pachá

About the book Jodie Burchell and yours truly have published a book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Plotnine, on graphing in Python using plotnine, a comprehensive port of ggplot2. This book will help you easily build beautiful plots. If you’d like to ... [Read more...]
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