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Check ‘Developer Tools’ First To Avoid Heavy-ish Dependencies

April 12, 2021 | hrbrmstr

Guillaume Pressiat (@GuillaumePressiat) did a solid post & video on using Selenium to scrape a paginated table from understat[.]com/league/EPL/2020 (I just cannot bring myself to provide an active link to any SportsBall site). He does a great job walking folks through acquiring & orchestrating the heavy dependency that is ...
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Extracting Heart Rate Data (Two Ways!) from Apple Health XML Export Files Using R (a.k.a. The Least Romantic Valentine’s Day R Post Ever)

February 14, 2021 | hrbrmstr

???? Expand for EKG code library(hrbrthemes) library(elementalist) # remotes::install_github("teunbrand/elementalist") library(ggplot2) read_csv( file = "~/Data/apple_health_export/electrocardiograms/ecg_2020-09-24.csv", # this is extracted below skip = 12, col_names = "µV" ) %__% mutate( idx = 1:n() ) -__ ekg ggplot() + geom_line_theme( data = ekg %__% tail(3000) %__% head(2500), aes(idx, µ...
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Fully Native M1/Apple Silicon R Setup

February 7, 2021 | hrbrmstr

Presented without much commentary since I stopped once {ggrepel} and {graphlayouts} failed (RStudio doesn’t support it yet, either, which I knew). The following steps will get you a fully working and STUPID FAST fully native ARM64 M1/Apple Silicon R setup with {tidyverse} and {rJava}. Just remember, that if ... [Read more...]

Getting a Handle on macOS App Entitlements with R

February 7, 2021 | hrbrmstr

If you’ve been following me around the internets for a while you’ve likely heard me pontificate about the need to be aware of and reduce — when possible — your personal “cyber” attack surface. One of the ways you can do that is to install as few applications as possible ... [Read more...]

Making It Easier To Experiment With Compiled Swift Code In R

January 26, 2021 | hrbrmstr

The past two posts have (lightly) introduced how to use compiled Swift code in R, but they’ve involved a bunch of “scary” command line machinations and incantations. One feature of {Rcpp} I’ve always ???? is the cppFunction() (“r-lib” zealots have a similar cpp11::cpp_function()) which lets one experiment ...
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Calling [Compiled] Swift from R: Part 2

January 24, 2021 | hrbrmstr

The previous post introduced the topic of how to compile Swift code for use in R using a useless, toy example. This one goes a bit further and makes a case for why one might want to do this by showing how to use one of Apple’s machine learning ... [Read more...]

Safety Checking Locally Installed Package URLs

January 8, 2021 | hrbrmstr

I went completely daft this week and broke my months-long Twitter break due to the domestic terror event in my nation’s capitol. I’ll likely be resuming the break starting today. Whilst keeping up with the final descent of the U.S. into a fully failed state, I also ... [Read more...]

Bringing R to Swift on macOS

January 4, 2021 | hrbrmstr

Over Christmas break I teased some screencaps: A more refined #rstats #swift "SwiftR" example. Simple Image view + some text views, a color picker and a button that runs R-in-Swift code (like {reticulate} does for Python in R) Note no ssd/hd storage round-trip for the plot. Code snippet: https://t....
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Short & Sweet: {cdcfluview} 0.9.2 Is On Its Way to CRAN Mirrors

October 13, 2020 | hrbrmstr

The CDC continues to “deliver” in 2020, this time by changing the JSON response of one of the hidden APIs that my {cdcfluview} package wraps. CDC: So helpful! It was a quick fix, and version 0.9.2 passed automated CRAN checks in ~9.42 minutes! ???? the CRAN team! Plus, a special shout-out to Ian-McGovern (GH ...
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Quick Hit: Speeding Up Data Frame Creation

August 8, 2020 | hrbrmstr

(This is part 2 of n “quick hit” posts, each walking through some approaches to speeding up components of an iterative operation. Go here for part 1). Thanks to the aforementioned previous post, we now have a super fast way of reading individual text files containing HTTP headers from HEAD requests into ... [Read more...]
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