MLB Year by Year Total Annual Payroll

January 4, 2012 | Patrick Rhodes

Description:Year by year total annual payroll for Major League Baseball.Data: entire yearly budget for the National Science Foundation is c...
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Home Runs heating up?

November 12, 2011 | hawkhandler

My intuition tells me that objects traveling through the air would meet more resistance when there is more moisture in the air. It turns out that my intuition is wrong. It still doesn’t make sense to me but apparently humid … Continue reading → [Read more...]

Show me your WAR face!

October 24, 2011 | hawkhandler

Below is a chart of the top 20 offensive players based on FanGraphs WAR for the 2011 season.  The various features and their corresponding metric are clear in the image. I’ve also included the leader and last place for each … Continue reading → [Read more...]

How does Matt kemp become Andre Dawson?

October 18, 2011 | hawkhandler

While reading this article over at Fangraphs I was inspired to ask myself “what would Matt Kemp have to do between now and then end of his career to be seriously considered for the Hall of Fame?”.  This question comes … Continue reading → [Read more...]


September 2, 2010 | Millsy

I tried using my own little palette with more traditional looking heatmap colors (red and pink are the densest, blue and green are less so, yellow in the middle, etc.). I also included the actual points, but would recommend it for more than a single g...
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Testing Out my Pitch F/X Data

May 25, 2010 | Millsy

I recently got all the Pitch F/X data downloaded from Gameday, and have been fiddling around. I certainly don't have the physics knowledge to really talk about the movement at this point, and I'm still acquainting myself with the data format and what e...
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Fun with R: Clustering and MDS

May 5, 2010 | Millsy

I've seen K-means clustering, PCA, etc. done some over at Beyond the Boxscore and Baseball Analysts (and the now defunct Statspeak), but I thought I'd just check out some clustering on the young fantasy season using the traditional 5x5 categories with ...
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Using R to Analyze Baseball Games in “Real Time”

October 4, 2009 | erikr

In order to honor the last day of the 2009 MLB regular season (excepting the Twins/Tigers tiebreaker Tuesday night), I was reading a book that combines a few of my favorite thing: statistics, R, and baseball. The book, by Joseph Adler, is called Baseball Hacks, and I highly recommend it ... [Read more...]

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