Some Covid Donuts To End The Week

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Vox grabbed some data from the Kaiser Family Foundation and did a story a few days ago on it, then posted a different visualization of it that attracted some attention:

I’m a pretty ardent donut detractor, but I have to also admit that they work pretty well for this use case, and we can reproduce the graphic in R quite nicely. The following code chunk:

  • scrapes the datawrapper chart Vox embedded in their original article
  • extracts the data from it using V8
  • reformats it and uses some basic ggplot2 idioms for making the facets
library(V8) # we need to execute javascript to get the data
library(ggtext) # pretty ggtext
library(stringi) # some basic string ops
library(rvest) # scraping!
library(hrbragg) # remotes::install_github("hrbrmstr/hrbragg")
library(tidyverse) # duh

ctx <- v8() # init the V8 engine

pg <- read_html("") # get the data — this is embedded in the Vox article

# clean up the javascript so we can evaluate it
html_nodes(pg, xpath = ".//script[contains(., 'DW_SVEL')]") %>% 
  html_text() %>% 
  stri_replace_first_fixed("window.", "") %>% 
  stri_replace_all_regex("window.__.*", "", multiline = TRUE) %>% 

# get the dat from the V8 engine and reshape it a bit, then join it with state abbreviations
ctx$get("__DW_SVELTE_PROPS__")$data %>% 
    col_names = c(
      "Reported cases among fully vaccinated", 
      "Reported cases among not fully vaccinated"
  ) %>% 
  gather(measure, value, -state) %>% 
      state =,
      abbr =
    ) %>% 
        state = "District of Columbia",
        abbr = "DC"
  ) -> voxxed

# basic ggplot idiom for faceted donuts

ggplot() +
    data = voxxed,
    aes(3, value, fill = measure), # play with "3" here and below to change width of the donut
    color = NA,
    position = position_stack()
  ) +
    data = voxxed %>% filter(measure == "Reported cases among not fully vaccinated"),
    # change 0.2 and 0 to see what they do
    aes(0.2, 0, label = sprintf("%s<br/><b><span style='color:#8a264a'>%s%%</span></b>", abbr, value)),
    size = 5, label.size = 0
  ) +
    limits = c(0.2, 3 + 0.5) # this 3 links to the 3 above. tweak 0.2 and 0.5 to see what it does to the shape
  ) +
    name = NULL,
    values = c(
      "Reported cases among fully vaccinated" = "#d59e67",
      "Reported cases among not fully vaccinated" = "#8a264a"
  ) +
  coord_polar(theta = "y") +
  facet_wrap(~state, ncol = 6) +
    x = NULL, y = NULL,
    title = "Breakthrough cases are not driving the US Covid-19 surge",
    caption = "Source: Kaiser Family Foundation\nNote: Case data in recent months, as of July\nOriginal chart by Vox <>"
  ) +
  theme_inter(grid="") +
    axis.text.x = elb(), = elb(),
    axis.text.x.bottom = elb(),
    axis.text.y = elb(),
    axis.text.y.left = elb(),
    axis.text.y.right = elb()
  ) +
    panel.spacing.x = unit(0, "npc"),
    panel.spacing.y = unit(0, "npc")
  ) + 
    strip.text = elb(),
    strip.text.x = elb(),
    strip.text.y = elb()
  ) +
    legend.position = "top",
    legend.text = elt(size = 12),
    legend.justification = "left"
  ) +
    plot.caption = elt(hjust = 0)

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