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Day #54 Major bugfix

June 1, 2011

It seems that Rserve works in a 1 byte charactersystem. This was giving us strange results. When I read in data from KNIME with strange characters like µ the errors began. Every time I used the character “µ”, my output in Rserve would be:...

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Day #28 ggplot2 in knime

April 21, 2011

If you haven’t read yesterday’s post, I advise you to do so, because this is the fix of yesterday. Day #27: A lot of graphics in one place I found out how to use ggplot2 in knime. Say, for example, your code is this: library(ggplot2) myplot...

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Day #27 A lot of graphics in one place

April 20, 2011

assignment in R Today my internship-promotor gave me the assignment to create this chart in R. This means: I get a lot of data and put a certain column on a barchart for each plate. On top of that data, you place 2 errorbars. At first I thought, piece ...

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Day #25-26 R is soo static!

April 19, 2011

Today I stumbled upon a very nice package called “rgl”. For documentation and demos, take a look at it’s website. Rgl is: quoted by rgl site itself: The rgl package is a visualization device system for R, using OpenGL as the rendering...

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Day #22 Correlation Ellipses and 2D histograms user interfaces

April 14, 2011

After 2 restarts of my PC and 3 times restarting Rserve and Knime, the red text of doom (look at the bottom of Day 21) was finally gone. So I could start on my correlation ellipses. this wasn’t so hard. I added a panellistbox to my template, whic...

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