Correlations, dimension, and risk measure

Yesterday, while I was attending the IFM2 conference, at HEC Montreal, I heard a nice talk about credit risk, and a comparison between contagion (or at least default correlation), for corporate and retail companies (in the US). And it was mentioned that default correlation was much lower for … Continue reading

Rmetrics financial engineering workshop

For those looking for an in-depth workshop on financial engineering with R, look no further than the R/Rmetrics Workshop and Summer School held annually in beautiful Meielisalp, Switzerland. This is an intimate workshop limited to around 50 participants, and features tutorials from leading … Continue reading

Video: Using R in Academic Finance

The slides and replay for Dr Sanjiv Das's webinar, Using R for Analyzing Loans, Portfolios and Risk: From Academic Theory to Financial Practice are now available. I've embedded the slides below: they tell a great story of how Das, after being mistaken for the then-CEO of Citibank (with … Continue reading

It is "simply" the average value

for some obscure reasons, simple things are usually supposed to be simple. Recently, on the internet, I saw a lot of posts on the "average time in which you hold a stock", and two rather different values are mentioned "Take any stock in the United States. The average time in which you hold a … Continue reading

Gold price and fear

Via @theEconomist, I understood that there might be connections between the price of Gold (which is said to be extremely high nowadays) and the VIX SP500 index (the option volatility index, i.e. the so-called "fear index", as discussed - in French- a few months ago). This has been discussed … Continue reading

Optimization for Finance with R

Last year, the Statistics and Mathematics Department of the Vienna University School of Economics and Business presented a research seminar series on optimization, taught by R Core Group member Kurt Hornik (with Ronald Hochreiter and Stefan Theussl). Even if you couldn't make it to Austria to … Continue reading