Wrapping C Code in an R Package

August 10, 2023 | Jonathan Carroll

Your collaborator says to you “I have some code I’d like to distribute to people who will probably work in R most of the time. I don’t write R, but I write C. Can you package this up for me?” so you have a few options: re-write the ...
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Shuffling Columns: Pandas is Competitive‽

August 10, 2023 | tshafer.com

Last year I benchmarked a few ways of shuffling columns in a data.table, but what about pandas? I didn’t know, so let’s revisit those tests and add a few more operations! pandas winds up being much more competitive than I expected. First, dplyr is by far the ...
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Flipbookr for Quarto

August 10, 2023 | R on kieranhealy.org

{{flipbookr}} is an R package written by Gina Reynolds. It’s very useful for teaching. It was developed for use with .Rmd files Xaringan and presently does not work with Quarto. I hacked-up a version of Flipbookr that does work with Quarto. Using it with Xaringan should be exactly the ... [Read more...]

Multi-step Estimators and Shrinkage Effect in Time Series Models

August 9, 2023 | Ivan Svetunkov

Authors: Ivan Svetunkov, Nikos Kourentzes, Rebecca Killick Journal: Computational Statistics Abstract: Many modern statistical models are used for both insight and prediction when applied to data. When models are used for prediction one should optimise parameters through a prediction error loss function. Estimation methods based on multiple steps ahead forecast ...
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