Advent of 2020, Day 29 – Performance tuning for Apache Spark

December 29, 2020 | tomaztsql

Series of Azure Databricks posts: Dec 01: What is Azure Databricks Dec 02: How to get started with Azure Databricks Dec 03: Getting to know the workspace and Azure Databricks platform Dec 04: Creating your first Azure Databricks cluster Dec 05: Understanding Azure Databricks cluster architecture, workers,…Read more ›
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Fast functions with pipes

December 28, 2020 | Bluecology blog

Fast functions with pipes Pipes are becoming popular R syntax, because they help make code more readable and can speed up coding. You can even use pipes to create functions. This is handy if you want to repeat a piped process for several different dat... [Read more...]

Introduction to the sfo Package

December 27, 2020 | Rami Krispin

Happy to announce (in a one month delay) a new package - sfo, which provides monthly statistics of the air passenger traffic at San Francisco International (SFO) airport. The package is available on CRAN. Additional information available: Source code - Package site - https://ramikrispin.... [Read more...]

7 Tricks I Learned During Advent of Code 2020

December 27, 2020 | R | JLaw's R Blog

I got into the Advent of Code through some co-workers for the first time this year. For those not familiar, its a series of programming puzzles created by Eric Wastl released once a day for the first 25 days of December. The puzzles are programming language agnostic so some use it ... [Read more...]

Vendée globe – Exploratory data analysis

December 27, 2020 | Neonira

While looking at Vendée Globe data, I had the feeling of some patterns to explain why are some skippers laggards and why some others are always in the top positions. I wondered what kind of graph could be used to help confirming or disproving such fe...
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Little Helpers: Character index counter

December 25, 2020 | Rcrastinate

I find myself counting characters on my screen more often than I feel comfortable doing it. Isn’t it weird to count things by hand when you have the power of R right in front of you? Well, I decided to but a little helper function into my .Rprofil... [Read more...]

The intuition behind averaging

December 25, 2020 | R on The Stats Guy

Introduction A peculiar example Minimizing our error What minimizes the squared error? - a simulation Extensions and implications Introduction Everyone knows what the average is. To find the average of the bunch of numbers, simply add them all ...
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Playing with Roman numerals

December 25, 2020 | Michael

What is the longest year number (yet) written in Roman numerals ? It is year 1888, with 13 characters… And the largest writable number being 3899, according to the strict rules in R (however some say it’s 3999), the longest overall year will be year 3888 with 15 characters. Nice pattern : And there are […] [Read more...]

abs and relu are not Mercer Kernels

December 25, 2020 | jmount

I am sharing some rough notes (in R and Python) here on how while dot(a, b) fulfills “Mercer’s condition” (by definition!, and I’ll just informally call these beasts a “Mercer Kernel”), the seemingly harmless variations abs(dot(a, b)) relu(dot(a, b)) are not Mercer Kernels (... [Read more...]

Covid-19 shinyapp

December 25, 2020 | Firas Fneish

The raw data of this shinyapp is pulled and displayed data Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CCSE). The data is available on {Github}. The data is updated on daily basis. The latest date of the data presented is as of 2020-12-24. If any further ...
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