What is the Tukey loss function?

The Tukey loss function The Tukey loss function, also known as Tukey’s biweight function, is a loss function that is used in robust statistics. Tukey’s loss is similar to Huber loss in that it demonstrates quadratic behavior near the origin. However, it is even more insensitive to … Continue reading

Is the EPL getting more unequal?

I recently heard that Manchester City were so far ahead in the English Premier League (EPL) that the race for first was basically over, even though they were still about 6-7 more games to go (out of a total of 38 games). At the other end of the table, I heard that Sheffield United were so far … Continue reading

What is a sunflower plot?

A sunflower plot is a type of scatterplot which tries to reduce overplotting. When there are multiple points that have the same (x, y) values, sunflower plots plot just one point there, but has little edges (or “petals”) coming out from the point to indicate how many points are really … Continue reading

The Mendoza line

The Mendoza Line is a term from baseball. Named after Mario Mendoza, it refers to the threshold of incompetent hitting. It is frequently taken to be a batting average of .200, although all the sources I looked at made sure to note that Mendoza’s career average was actually a little better: … Continue reading

Attributes in R

In R, objects are allowed to have attributes, which is a way for users to tag additional information to an R object. There are a few reasons why one might want to use attributes. One reason that I encountered recently was to ensure that the type of object returned from a function remains consistent … Continue reading