May 2018

Is There Another Way to Do Fantasy

May 31, 2018 | Analysis of AFL

Apologies for the rushed nature of post Recently I saw this post on twitter and it got me thinking is there another way? So lets run through the rough problems as outlined in this tweet. Numbers have context (suprising I know!) What time period is best when looking at fantasy ...
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Plotting Word Bigrams with 3 Chinese Classics

May 31, 2018 | Posts on Anything Data

In the last post, we saw frequencies of the most common words in the Analects, Zhuangzi, and Mozi texts. The faceted plot did an excellent job of capturing a generic “theme” of each text. However, I wondered how the results might change when plotting bigrams (2 word combinations of adjacent words) ... [Read more...]

simpler SQL with dplyr

May 31, 2018 | HighlandR

comparing dplyr with SQL nested queries - Following on from my last post, where I demonstrated R to some first time R users, I want to do a wee comparison of dplyr V SQL, so that folks, particularly those in the NHS who might be R curious, can see just ...
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Classification from scratch, logistic with kernels 3/8

May 31, 2018 | arthur charpentier

Third post of our series on classification from scratch, following the previous post introducing smoothing techniques, with (b)-splines. Consider here kernel based techniques. Note that here, we do not use the “logistic” model… it is purely non-parametric. kernel based estimated, from scratch I like kernels because they are somehow ...
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New round of R Consortium grants announced

May 31, 2018 | David Smith

The R Consortium has just announced its latest round of project grants. After reviewing the proposals submitted by the R community, the Infrastructure Steering Committee has elected to fund the following projects for the Spring 2018 season: Further updates to the DBI package, to provide a consistent interface between R and ... [Read more...]

Defining Marketing with the Rvest and Tidytext Packages

May 30, 2018 | Peter Prevos

I am preparing to facilitate another session of the marketing course for the La Trobe University MBA. The first lecture delves into the definition of marketing. Like most other social phenomena, marketing is tough to define. Definitions of social constructs... Continue Reading → The post Defining Marketing with the Rvest and ...
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Exploring R Packages with cranly

May 30, 2018 | R Views

In a previous post, I showed a very simple example of using the R function tools::CRAN_package_db() to analyze information about CRAN packages. CRAN_package_db() extracts the metadata CRAN stores on all of its 12,000 plus packages and arranges it into a “database”, actually a complicated data frame ...
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Harry Potter and rankings with comperank

May 30, 2018 | QuestionFlow

Ranking Harry Potter books with comperank package. Prologue Package comperank is on CRAN now. It offers consistent implementations of several ranking and rating methods. Originally, it was intended to be my first CRAN package when I started to build it 13 months ago. Back then I was very curious to learn ... [Read more...]

Algorithmic Trading: Using Quantopian’s Zipline Python Library In R And Backtest Optimizations By Grid Search And Parallel Processing

May 30, 2018 | - Articles

We are ready to demo our new new experimental package for Algorithmic Trading, flyingfox, which uses reticulate to to bring Quantopian’s open source algorithmic trading Python library, Zipline, to R. The flyingfox library is part of our NEW Business Science Labs innovation lab, which is dedicated to bringing experimental ... [Read more...]

Quick guide for converting from JAGS or BUGS to NIMBLE

May 30, 2018 | nimble-admin

Converting to NIMBLE from JAGS, OpenBUGS or WinBUGS Converting to NIMBLE from JAGS, OpenBUGS or WinBUGS NIMBLE is a hierarchical modeling package that uses nearly the same modeling language as the popular MCMC packages WinBUGS, OpenBUGS and JAGS. NIMBLE makes the modeling language extensible — you can add distributions and functions — ...
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New Version of ggplot2

May 30, 2018 | Ari Lamstein

I just received a note from Hadley Wickham that a new version of ggplot2 is scheduled to be submitted to CRAN on June 25. Here’s... The post New Version of ggplot2 appeared first on
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Classification from scratch, trees 9/8

May 30, 2018 | arthur charpentier

Nineth post of our series on classification from scratch. Today, we’ll see the heuristics of the algorithm inside classification trees. And yes, I promised eight posts in that series, but clearly, that was not sufficient… sorry for the poor prediction. Decision Tree Decision trees are easy to read. So ...
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Classification from scratch, logistic with splines 2/8

May 30, 2018 | arthur charpentier

Today, second post of our series on classification from scratch, following the brief introduction on the logistic regression. Piecewise linear splines To illustrate what’s going on, let us start with a “simple” regression (with only one explanatory variable). The underlying idea is natura non facit saltus, for “nature does ...
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Bio7 2.8 Released

May 30, 2018 | R – Bio7 Website

30.05.2018 A new and improved release of Bio7 is available. The new Bio7 2.8 release comes with a plethora of new R features and bugfixes. Release Notes: General: Updated Eclipse RCP to 4.7.3 Windows R update to version 3.5.0 ImageJ plugin updated to version 1.52d7 Added the ImageJ Edit perspective to the default opened ... [Read more...]
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