The R Foundation announces new mailing list ‘R-package-devel’

At last week’s monthly meeting, the R foundation has decided to create a new mailing list in order to help R package authors in their package development and testing. The idea is that some experienced R programmers (often those currently helping on R-devel or also R-help) will help package authors and thus unload some of the burden of the CRAN team members. We expect impact for R-devel: I’m expecting somewhat less traffic there, and the focus returning to implementation of R and future features of R itself. Please read the description of the mailing list here or below, subscribe and start using it! For the R foundation, Martin Maechler,  Secretary General ——————- “About R-package-devel”  (from above URL): ——— This list is to get help about package development in R. The goal of the list is to provide a forum for learning about the package development process. We hope to build a community of R package developers who can help each other solve problems, and reduce some of the burden on the CRAN maintainers. If you are having problems developing a package or passing R CMD check, this is the place to ask! Please note that while R-package-devel contributors will do their best to provide you accurate and authoritative information, the final arbiters of CRAN submission is the CRAN team. Please keep it civil. It’s easy to get frustrated when building a package, or when answering the same question for what feels like the thousandth time. But everyone involved in the process is a volunteer. Include a reproducible example. We can’t help if we don’t know what the problem is. For packages, if possible, include a link to the package source. If you’re having a problem with R CMD check, include the relevant message inline. If you’re in violation of this code, one of the moderators will send you a gentle admonishment off-list. For more about such “Netiquette”, read the Debian code of conduct. Note that there may be some overlap of topics with the R-devel mailing list notably as before the existence of R-package-devel, many package developers have used R-devel for questions that are now meant to be asked on this list. Beware that cross-posting, i.e., posting to both, is generally considered as impolite — with rare exceptions, e.g., if a thread is being moved from one list to the other for good reasons.

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