RMongo: Accessing MongoDB in R

November 3, 2010

(This article was first published on Tommy Chheng » R, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

I recently created RMongo, a database access layer to MongoDB in R as an R package.

To install RMongo, download it from https://github.com/quid/RMongo/downloads
R CMD install RMongo_0.0.17.tar.gz

I tried to mimic the RMySQL commands in RMongo. Below are some example commands.

#ask for help

#connect to a database
mongo <- mongoDbConnect("eat2treat_development")

#show the collections
[1] "conditions" "users" "nutrient_metadatas" "system.indexes" "user_food_preferences" "food_metadatas"
[7] "food_group_ratings

# perform an 'all' query with a document limit of 2 and offset of 0.
# the results is a data.frame object. Nested documents are not supported at the moment. They will just be the string output.
> results <- dbGetQuery(mongo, "nutrient_metadatas", "{}", 0, 2)
> names(results)
[1] "X_id" "name" "nutrient_definition_id" "description"
> results
X_id name nutrient_definition_id
1 4cd0f8e31e627d4e6600000e Adjusted Protein 257
2 4cd0f9061e627d4e6600001a Sodium 307

> results <- dbGetQuery(mongo, "nutrient_metadatas", '{"nutrient_definition_id": 307}')
> results
X_id name nutrient_definition_id
1 4cd0f9061e627d4e6600001a Sodium 307

> dbDisconnect(mongo)

RMongo is very alpha at this point. I built it as a quick way to prototype algorithms with data from mongoDB in R. Most of RMongo uses the mongo-java-driver to perform json-formatted queries. The R code in the package uses rJava to communicate with the mongo-java-driver.

Please report any bugs or necessary improvements. Or better yet, send in pull requests via the RMongo github project page!

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