pander 0.3.8 is out

September 12, 2013

(This article was first published on rapporter, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

I have just released a new version of pander to CRAN with some minor fixes and some (hopefully) useful new features to generate markdown tables beside other tools:

  • although I really love the Droid Sans font that I used to bundle with the package, I decided to ditch it to save some space (50% of the package size),
  • I have also updated the parameters passed to Pandoc while generating HTML to be able to create self-contained files (all images, CSS and JS would be shipped within one file) that can be uploaded or e-mailed a lot easier compared to complex directory structures,
  • Andrew Redd helped me to improve pander to be an alternative method for vignetteEngine,
  • and I got some great feature requests to tweak e.g. the linear model outputs:
> panderOptions('table.split.table', Inf)
> pander(lm(Sepal.Width ~ Species + Sepal.Length, data = iris), covariate.labels = c('Sepal Length'), omit = 'Species', summary = TRUE)

  Estimate Std. Error t value Pr(>|t|)
------------------ ---------- ------------ --------- ----------
**Sepal Length** 0.3499 0.0463 7.557 4.187e-12

**(Intercept)** 1.677 0.2354 7.123 4.456e-11

Observations Residual Std. Error $R^2$ Adjusted $R^2$
-------------- --------------------- ------- ----------------
150 0.289 0.5693 0.5604

Table: Fitting linear model: Sepal.Width ~ Species + Sepal.Length

For more details, see the NEWS on GitHub or right in your R console:
> news(package = 'pander')

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