dplyr 0.4.3

September 4, 2015

(This article was first published on RStudio Blog, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

dplyr 0.4.3 includes over 30 minor improvements and bug fixes, which are described in detail in the release notes. Here I wanted to draw your attention five small, but important, changes:

  • mutate() no longer randomly crashes! (Sorry it took us so long to fix this – I know it’s been causing a lot of pain.)
  • dplyr now has much better support for non-ASCII column names. It’s probably not perfect, but should be a lot better than previous versions.
  • When printing a tbl_df, you now see the types of all columns, not just those that don’t fit on the screen:
    data_frame(x = 1:3, y = letters[x], z = factor(y))
    #> Source: local data frame [3 x 3]
    #>       x     y      z
    #>   (int) (chr) (fctr)
    #> 1     1     a      a
    #> 2     2     b      b
    #> 3     3     c      c
  • bind_rows() gains a .id argument. When supplied, it creates a new column that gives the name of each data frame:
    a <- data_frame(x = 1, y = "a")
    b <- data_frame(x = 2, y = "c")
    bind_rows(a = a, b = b)
    #> Source: local data frame [2 x 2]
    #>       x     y
    #>   (dbl) (chr)
    #> 1     1     a
    #> 2     2     c
    bind_rows(a = a, b = b, .id = "source")
    #> Source: local data frame [2 x 3]
    #>   source     x     y
    #>    (chr) (dbl) (chr)
    #> 1      a     1     a
    #> 2      b     2     c
    # Or equivalently
    bind_rows(list(a = a, b = b), .id = "source")
    #> Source: local data frame [2 x 3]
    #>   source     x     y
    #>    (chr) (dbl) (chr)
    #> 1      a     1     a
    #> 2      b     2     c
  • dplyr is now more forgiving of unknown attributes. All functions should now copy column attributes from the input to the output, instead of complaining. Additionally arrange(), filter(), slice(), and summarise() preserve attributes of the data frame itself.

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