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Predicting the Real USD/TRY Rates with MARS

April 11, 2023 | Selcuk Disci

The ongoing debate recently in Turkey is that the Turkish government has suppressed US Dollar/Turkish Lira exchange rates (USD/TRY) to prevent economic turmoil. Many authorities in the business, especially exporters, think that the USD/TRY parity should be in the range of 24-25 Turkish Lira. To look through ...
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WooCommerce Administrator with R

April 10, 2023 | John Kamaras

When working with WooCommerce, you have access to a powerful and robust product that offers a variety of benefits. Not only is it free and supported by a large community, but it also has strong SEO capabilities and a vast selection of plugins to enhance functionality. Additionally, the WooCommerce admin ... [Read more...]

A Tidymodels Tutorial

April 9, 2023 | Louise E. Sinks

As I’ve started working on more complicated machine learning projects, I’ve leaned into the tidymodels approach. Tidymodels is a highly modular approach, and I felt it reduced the number of errors, especially when evaluating many machine models an...
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Tips for using chatGPT to learn R

April 6, 2023 | Bluecology blog

Tips for using chatGPT to learn R ChatGPT can help you learn R code. Here are some tips my team and I have worked out for ways to use the model to help with learning R. There is also an askgpt package now that is meant to integrate ChatGPT directly ... [Read more...]

tabular and flextable

April 6, 2023 | ArData

tabular example turn it to a flextable Use row separator Enrich with flextable Add into a document The package ‘flextable’ (Gohel and Skintzos 2023) provides a method as_flextable() to benefit from table objects created with package ‘tables’ (Murdoch 2023). Function tables::tabular() is a powerful tool that let users easily create ... [Read more...]
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