Articles by Timothy Bates

Why cost and fuel efficiency are unrelated: Uncorrelated manifest variables can share the same latent causes

February 7, 2013 | Timothy Bates

In structural equation modelling, we are typically proposing theoretical causes of observed phenomena. These are termed "latent" (the unobserved causes) and manifest (the observed variables we measure, otherwise known as data).Importantly, the theoretical causes of behavior need not have a structure remotely resembling the correlations observed in the data. ... [Read more...]

From Lavaan to OpenMx

October 2, 2012 | Timothy Bates

Joel Caldwell gave an example of Confirmatory factor analysis in lavaan. The purpose of this post is to show you how to express this model in OpenMx. The data being modeled are in an object called ratings (see below for the code to create this object as described here. Here’... [Read more...]

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