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The Road to Default: Puppy Power!

July 18, 2011 | Steven Sabol

Although Congress can technically dilly dally until August 2nd to come up with an agreement and raise the debt ceiling- markets have anticipated the inevitable. They haven't sat back and decided to wait till August 2nd to panic- they are already in "oh...
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The Road to Default: Deep DooDoo

July 16, 2011 | Steven Sabol

Okay so what is the situation at hand? Well the inevitable default of the United States of course.  The U.S. will default regardless of whether Congress raises the debt ceiling. You may be thinking the following: But how can he say such a thing? I...
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Sir Sun Drop

July 11, 2011 | Steven Sabol

Okay so one of my best friends Sir Kris "Wespro" Wesslen has started a new blog and i think it's so hilariously decked out with pompous amounts of hilarity that even a blind and brainless mouse would chuckle out of amusement. Please check it out here. ...
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The Rebirth

July 8, 2011 | Steven Sabol

Hey guys, I know that I have been gone for awhile now.  I just came back from a month long euro adventure so have no fear, I have plenty of time to devote to blogging now.  From this day forward, X.U. Economics will be known as The Dancing Ec...
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Job Search Part 5: It’s Policy Time!

April 27, 2011 | Steven Sabol

This is the last post of this special mini-series on the job search and matching theory of unemployment. I will probably be extremely distracted for the next few months, including a month-long vacation in Europe to shake the horrors of undergrad off me...
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