Articles by Rob Mealey

Visualizing Baltimore 3.1: Crime and Vacant Properties, Neighborhood Level, Bit More Polished

December 11, 2012 | Rob Mealey

Redos of the plots from this post: Bit more communicative, though the overplotting is a bit annoying. Code: ## gis libraries library(spBayes) library(MBA) library(geoR) library(fields) library(sp) library(maptools) library(rgdal) library(classInt) library(lattice) library(xtable) library(spatstat) library(splancs)   ## Other packages library(ggplot2) library(foreign) ... [Read more...]

Topic Modeling 1: Simulated LDA Corpus

September 6, 2012 | Rob Mealey

Because I am self-taught in many of the areas of computer science and more advanced statistics and probability theory I am most interested in, and because I have a deep aversion both to looking foolish and being full of it... [Read more...]

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