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Doodling with Data 2013-12-31 20:50:00

December 31, 2013 | Ram

A select few posts from 2013Rstudio's Shiny enabled me to try out ideas on the Web.WeatherCompareshinySketchEscherPlotMovieRatings ** Creating MazesThe most visitors came from these two posts:The hottest areas in CS for 2013 - per Google Research grant... [Read more...]

Using R and Shiny to create “Art”

July 19, 2013 | Ram

One big strength of packages like shiny is the ability to easily vary parameters and view the results, especially in plots.So here’s a small shiny app that I created to learn about reactivity, while also having fun.The idea is simple. Vary many aspects of geom_segments in ... [Read more...]

R Beginners – Plotting Locations on to a World Map

April 2, 2013 | Ram

This post is targeted at those who are just getting started plotting on maps using R.The relevant libraries are: maps, ggplot2, ggmap, and maptools. Make sure you install them.The Problem Let's take a fairly simple use case: We have a few points on the... [Read more...]

R – Defining Your Own Color schemes for HeatMaps

March 25, 2013 | Ram

This post is intended at those who are beginners at R, and is inspired by a small post in Martin's bioblog.First, we plot a "correlation heatmap" using the same logic that Martin uses. In our example, let's use the Movies dataset that comes with ggplot... [Read more...]

R – Simple Recursive XML Parsing

March 18, 2013 | Ram

This is intended for those who are starting out in R and interested in parsing an XML document recursively. It uses DT Lang's XML package.If you want to just read certain types of nodes, then XPATH is great. This document by DT Lang is perfect for that... [Read more...]

Simulating Allele Counts in a population using R

March 11, 2013 | Ram

This post is inspired by the Week 7 lectures of the Coursera course "Introduction to Genetics and Evolution" (I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in genetics, BTW.) Professor Noor uses a Univ Washington software called AlleleA1 for try... [Read more...]

Simulating Population Growth in Cities Using R

February 23, 2013 | Ram

R is great for anyone who wants to get started on learning Simulation. (Both Discrete Event or Agent-based, with stochastic elements in the process.) This post is inspired by Matt Asher's "quick-and-dirty" R simulation work on Population Growth. Matt u...
[Read more...]

A pre-requisite to be a Data Scientist

December 7, 2011 | Ram

So what should be in the toolkit of people who call themselves a data scientist?A fundamental skill is the ability to manipulate data. A data scientist should be familiar and comfortable with a number of platforms and scripting tools to get the job don... [Read more...]

O’Reilly’s Data Science Kit – Books

December 2, 2011 | Ram

It is not as if I don't have enough books (and material on the web) to read. But this list compiled by the O'Reilly team should make any data analyst salivate. Books and Video included in the... [Read more...]

Tips for getting started on Kaggle (datamining)

November 30, 2011 | Ram

Ever since I heard about at this year's Bay Area Data Mining Camp, I've wanted to participate. But I was feeling somewhat intimidated. Jeremy Howard's "Intro to Kaggle" talk at yesterday's MeetUp (DataMining for a Cause) was exactly what I... [Read more...]

Fusion Tables by Google

October 18, 2011 | Ram

Google's Fusion Tables look impressive, for those who want to try geo-visualizations of their data. You don't need much programming experience to be able to use it.For those who want to try it out, here's a nice intro that Kathyrn Hurley presented at the recent SVCC (Silicon Valley Code ... [Read more...]

Get the Basics right – Suggestion for R Beginners

October 17, 2011 | Ram

I am always looking for suggestions on how to get better at R, esp. for beginners. So when I see someone who's gotten adept at it, I ask them how they got there.This weekend, at the Bay Area ACM Data Mining Camp, one person gave me what seemed like ... [Read more...]

Geo-doodlers – Paul Butler and FlowingData

October 16, 2011 | Ram

I found this great R-Visualization example via an R-Blogger post that xingmowang made. (One more good reason for why it is important to read lots of field-related blogs!)Here's the image:If this was merely eye-candy, I would have enjoyed it, but not in... [Read more...]

The Skills of a Data Miner

October 9, 2011 | Ram

Data mining is not only statistics, even if statistics is the most recognized academic component of it. It also includes data cleaning, machine learning and data visualization. The scarce factor is the ability to understand that data and extract value ... [Read more...]

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