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Getting to the point – an alternative to the bezier arrow

May 21, 2013 | Max Gordon

[caption id="attachment_734" align="aligncenter" width="500"] An alternative bezier arrow to the regular grid-bezier. Apart from a cool gradient it has the advantages of: exact width, exact start/end points and axis alignment.[/caption] About two weeks ago I got frustrated with the bezierGrob function in the grid package. The ... [Read more...]

Using the SVD to find the needle in the haystack

April 19, 2013 | Max Gordon

[caption id="attachment_649" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Sitting with a data set with too many variables? The SVD can be a valuable tool when you're trying to sift through a large group of continuos variables. The image is CC by Jonas in China.[/caption] It can feel like a daunting task ... [Read more...]

Exporting plain, lattice, or ggplot graphics

March 6, 2013 | Max Gordon

[caption id="attachment_618" align="aligncenter" width="480"] A blend between a basic scatterplot, lattice scatterplot and a ggplot[/caption] In a recent post I compared the Cairo packages with the base package for exporting graphs. Matt Neilson was kind enough to share in a comment that the Cairo library is now ... [Read more...]

Exporting nice plots in R

February 25, 2013 | Max Gordon

[caption id="attachment_548" align="aligncenter" width="500"] It's not always easy getting the right size. The image is CC by Kristina Gill.[/caption] A vital part of statistics is producing nice plots, an area where R is outstanding. The graphical ablility of R is often listed as a major reason for ... [Read more...]

Tables from R into Word

February 5, 2013 | Max Gordon

[caption id="attachment_518" align="aligncenter" width="359"] A good looking table matters![/caption] This tutorial is on how to create a neat table in Word by combining knitr and R Markdown. I'll be using my own function, htmlTable, from the Gmisc package. Background: Because most journals that I submit to want ... [Read more...]

Chocolate and nobel prize – a true story?

December 22, 2012 | Max Gordon

[caption id="attachment_441" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Few of us can resist chocolate, but the real question is: should we even try to resist it? The image is CC by Tasumi1968.[/caption] As a dark chocolate addict I was relieved to see Messerli's ecological study on chocolate consumption and the relation ... [Read more...]

Personal CRAN-repository

November 24, 2012 | Max Gordon

[caption id="attachment_414" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Offering - the backbone of open source. The image is CC by TenthMusePhotography[/caption] This is part II of the previous package creation post. I've created my own CRAN repository since I wanted a quick upload. Perhaps in the future I'll post on the ... [Read more...]

Creating an R package in Windows

November 21, 2012 | Max Gordon

[caption id="attachment_411" align="aligncenter" width="500"] A nice package can be both beautiful and functional. The image is CC by MIAD Communication Design.[/caption] Inspired by this post by Szilard Pafka I decided to do a similar adventure in a Windows environment and see what problems I run into. Start ... [Read more...]

Getting started with Sweave & knitr

August 6, 2012 | Max Gordon

[caption id="attachment_457" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Cool woven artwork on the campus of Kansas University. The image is CC by Patrick Emerson[/caption] I recently started to work with Sweave (by Friedrich Leisch) and found it a truly awesome package. The ease of use is amazing. In this post I'll ... [Read more...]

My two favorite IDE’s for R – tips & tricks

May 20, 2012 | Max Gordon

The two IDE that I use for R are RStudio and Eclipse with StatET. They complement each other nicely, RStudio works out of the box while I previously shown how to get Eclipse & StatET going, you can find it here, which is slightly challanging. RStudio I use RStudio for all ... [Read more...]

Setting up StatET & Eclipse in Windows

May 15, 2012 | Max Gordon

[caption id="attachment_318" align="aligncenter" width="900"] A view of the StatET plugin in the Juno Eclipse. The environment is perfect for developing R packages and creating more complex functions.[/caption] I wanted to write about creating R-packages in Windows but after trying to get StatET to work seamlessly in Windows ... [Read more...]

R – some introductory material

May 12, 2012 | Max Gordon

R is a statistical programming language and can be a little scary at first. I learned it during my first statistics class. While others used Stata, I decided to try if I could do the tasks in R. That was probably one of my best research-choices. My main source of ... [Read more...]
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