Articles by Marek Gągolewski

ICU Unicode text transforms in the R package stringi

May 20, 2014 | Marek Gągolewski

The ICU (International Components for Unicode) library provides very powerful and flexible ways to apply various Unicode text transforms. These include: Full (language-specific) case mappings, Unicode normalization, Text transliteration (e.g. script-to-script conversion). All of these are available to R programmers/users…Read more › [Read more...]

ShareLaTeX now supports knitr

January 31, 2014 | Marek Gągolewski

ShareLaTeX (click here to register a free account) is a wonderful and reliable on-line editor for writing and compiling LaTeX documents “in the cloud” as well as working together in real-time (imagine Google Docs supporting LaTeX =__ you get ShareLaTeX).…Read more › [Read more...]

FuzzyNumbers_0.3-3 released

January 3, 2014 | Marek Gągolewski

A new release of the FuzzyNumbers package for R is now available on CRAN. The package provides S4 classes and methods to deal with Fuzzy Numbers that allow for computations of arithmetic operations, approximation by trapezoidal and piecewise linear FNs,…Read more › [Read more...]

FuzzyNumbers-0.3-1 released

June 23, 2013 | Marek Gągolewski

A new version of the FuzzyNumbers package for R has just been submitted to the CRAN archive. Check out our step-by-step tutorial. ** FuzzyNumbers Package CHANGELOG ** ********************************************************************* 0.3-1 /2013-06-23/ * piecewiseLinearApproximation() - general case (any knot.n) for method="NearestEuclidean" now…Read more › [Read more...]

knitr documents with tikzDevice graphics

April 13, 2013 | Marek Gągolewski

Setting up tikzDevice output in knitr may be a frustrating task, but gives outstandingly aesthetic, LaTeX-like figures. Here are my global knitr settings for typesetting documents in Polish (in UTF-8, make sure your R also runs in a Unicode locale…Read more › [Read more...]

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