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A Nation of Real Estate Agents

October 20, 2013 | leisuretronic

I read a series of articles related to the goings of the UK housing market, the likely effects of the new Help To Buy scheme, the 10% increase in mean London house price over the last year, and employment statistics. I failed to reproduce some numbers cited in the economist (below). ... [Read more...]

Income Distribution in London

June 7, 2013 | leisuretronic

Inspired by the Institute of Fiscal Studies' "Where do you fit in" application, where people can find out their position in the UK's income distribution, I wanted to find out how the picture in London looks like. Quite different. If you are in a very high percentile nationwide, high incomes ... [Read more...]

Update to PSID panel builder for R: psidR

May 19, 2013 | leisuretronic

I just pushed the most recent version of the PSID panel data builder introduced a little while ago. Got some user feedback and made some improvements. The package is hosted on github.News:I added a reproducible example using artificial data which you c... [Read more...]

Stats in the Court Room Hands on Tutorial

April 29, 2013 | leisuretronic

I got intrigued by the numbers presented in this news article talking about the re-trial in the Amanda Knox case. The defendants, accused and initially convicted of murder, were acquitted in the appeal's instance when the judge ruled that the forensic evidence was insufficiently conclusive. The appeals judge ignored the ... [Read more...]

PSID data set builder for R

April 14, 2013 | leisuretronic

Economists frequently use public datasets. One frequently used dataset is the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, short PSID, maintained by the Institute of Social Research at the University of Michigan.I'm introducing psidR, which is a small helper packag... [Read more...]

US unemployment rates by State 1981-2011

February 11, 2013 | leisuretronic

File under: getting data.Oh the irony. Exactly one day after I start to read the great book on Open Government by O'Reilly media (which they released in tribute to Aaron Schwartz), I come in need of time series data on unemployment rates in the United ... [Read more...]

Public and Public plus Private debt to GDP

January 29, 2013 | leisuretronic

Update 2: Put up a second graph showing debt of Spain.Update: I just read the most recent article of Stiglitz. I mostly agree. However, I'm not quite sure what he means when he says thatSpain and Ireland had fiscal surpluses and low debt/GDP ratios bef... [Read more...]

Reading Code

February 10, 2012 | leisuretronic

Code Readability is maybe the most important part of producing reproducible research. If it's impossible (i.e. very costly) for somebody else to read/understand the computer code that underlies your results, then the odds are that they will never be... [Read more...]

Polynomial Interpolation with R

September 10, 2011 | leisuretronic

As a first step to produce some useable code for spline interpolation/approximation in R, I set out to first do polynomial interpolation to see how I get along. It's not that there is no spline interpolation software for R, but I find it a bit limited. splinefun, for example, ... [Read more...]

Fix missing dates with R

September 2, 2011 | leisuretronic

I have data on user access to a website. This log file (helpdesk log.csv) just contains the date of access, and how many accesses were counted. It would look like this:Date hits13-07-2011 214-07-2011 116-07-2011 317-07-2011 4...As you can see, for day... [Read more...]

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