Articles by Fred Viole

Numerical Partial Derivative Estimation – the {NNS} package

September 3, 2020 | Fred Viole

NNS (v0.5.5) now on CRAN has an updated partial derivative routine dy.d_() . This function estimates true average partial derivatives, as well as ceteris paribus conditions for points of interest. Example below on the syntax for estimating first derivatives of the function y = x_1^2 * x_2^2 , for the points x_1 = 0.5 and … ... [Read more...]

Introduction to mebootSpear() Function

July 11, 2020 | Fred Viole

In the latest version of meboot (v 1.4-8) on CRAN, the function mebootSpear was introduced.  Below is a gentle introduction to its capabilities and a link to a reference paper with further applications to improved Monte Carlo simulations. The desired properties from the original maximum entropy bootstrap function meboot were ... [Read more...]

The Elements of Variance

December 10, 2019 | Fred Viole

Partial Moments Equivalences Below are some basic equivalences demonstrating partial moments’ role as the elements of variance. Why is this relevant? The additional information generated from partial moments permits a level of analysis simply not possible with traditional summary statistics. There is further introductory material on partial moments and their ... [Read more...]

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