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Vertical Histogram

February 26, 2014 | ezpz

In the process of munging data for my current project I came across the need to compare (visually) the difference between two modes within the same dataset. I was using a simple scatterplot and setting the alpha in the hopes that the over-plotting woul... [Read more...]

Column-Major Confusion

July 19, 2013 | ezpz

As a programmer coming from a language like C I am used to understanding multidimensional arrays in the following way:int matrix[3][3] = { { 1, 2, 3 }, { 4, 5, 6 }, { 7, 8, 9 }};Understandably, this is a little bit of a setback when trying to ... [Read more...]

Go vector or go home

September 21, 2011 | ezpz

My programming experience progressed mostly along the lines of: C, C++, shell, Java, Java, Ruby, Python, Java, Java. Only recently have I started exploring the likes of Haskell, Erlang and R. Well that evolution bit me a little while back when I tried ... [Read more...]


August 3, 2011 | ezpz

We have an internal image that floated around work several years ago that details network utilization of TCP over a wide variety of configurations. It is a heatmap created in matlab that is just sweet, sweet eye candy. We actually hung it on the outside of a cube for a ... [Read more...]

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