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Most popular posts – 2021

January 4, 2022 | Eran Raviv

Kind of sad, but the same intro which served last year, befits this year also. Littered with Corona, this year was not easy. But looking around me, I feel grateful. The following quote by Socrates comes to mind: “If all our misfortunes were laid in one common heap whence everyone ...
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Publication in Significance – code

December 19, 2021 | Eran Raviv

Couple of months ago I published a paper in Significance – couple of pages describing the essence of deep learning algorithms, and why they are so popular. I got a few requests for the code which generated the figures in that paper. This weekend I reviewed my code and was content ...
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R tips and tricks – readClipboard

April 29, 2021 | Eran Raviv

Here is a small utility function to save you some boring work. Say you have a file to read into R. The file path is C:\Users\folder1\folder2\folder3\mydata.csv. So what do you do? you copy the path, paste it to the editor, and start reversing the ... [Read more...]

R + Python = Rython

July 5, 2020 | Eran Raviv

Enough! Enough with that pointless R versus Python debate. I find it almost as pointless as the Bayesian vs Frequentist “dispute”. I advocate here what I advocated there (“..don’t be a Bayesian, nor be a Frequenist, be opportunist“). Nowadays even marginally tedious computation is being sent to faster, minimum-overhead ... [Read more...]

R tips and tricks – utilities

June 16, 2020 | Eran Raviv

As the title reads, few more R-related tips and tricks. I hope you have not seen those before. Some utilities Methods are functions which are specifically written for particular class. In the post Show yourself (look “under the hood” of a function in R) we saw how to get the ...
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Forecast Combination talk

September 20, 2019 | Eran Raviv

Courtesy of R Consortium, you can view my forecast combination talk (16 mins) given in France few months ago, below. The slides for talk and the paper it’s based on can be found here Related posts: Forecast Combination in R – slides The useR! 2019 held in Toulouse ended couple of days... ... [Read more...]

Forecast Combination in R – slides

July 14, 2019 | Eran Raviv

The useR! 2019 held in Toulouse ended couple of days ago. I spoke of the recent R journal publication about forecast combinations (joint work with Christoph Weiss and Gernot Roetzer). Slides for the talk can be found here. Related posts: R Journal publication The R Journal is the open access, refereed ... [Read more...]

Matrix-style screensaver in R

March 31, 2019 | Eran Raviv

This post shares short code snippet to make your own screen saver in R, The Matrix-style: The code takes a few seconds to complete. [crayon-5ca12224a8f2d376309537/] Because of randomness, once you ran the code, you will never see the exact screen saver elsewhere. Enjoy. Related posts: Syntax ...
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R Journal publication

March 1, 2019 | Eran Raviv

The R Journal is the open access, refereed journal of the R project for statistical computing. It features short to medium length articles covering topics that should be of interest to users or developers of R. Christoph Weiss, Gernot Roetzer and myself have joined forces to write an R package ...
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R tips and tricks – higher-order functions

January 27, 2019 | Eran Raviv

A higher-order function is a function that takes one or more functions as arguments, and\or returns a function as its result. This can be super handy in programming when you want to tilt your code towards readability and still keep it concise. Consider the following code: [crayon-5c4dddebcccbf005402937/] ... [Read more...]

Reproducible Finance with R – book review

January 5, 2019 | Eran Raviv

Reproducible Finance with R is a clever book, with modern treatment of classical concepts. Here below is what I liked- and disliked about the book. Back when I was practicing Judo, there was a guy in my group who mastered that one exercise (called Uchi Mata). He could go fighting 20 ... [Read more...]

R tips and tricks – the assign() function

July 18, 2018 | Eran Raviv

The R language has some quirks compared to other languages. One thing which you need to constantly watch for when moving to- or from R, is that R starts its indexing at one, while almost all other languages start indexing at zero, which takes some getting used to. Another quirk ... [Read more...]

R in Finance highlights

June 26, 2018 | Eran Raviv

The yearly R in Finance conference is one of my favorites: 1. Titans of the R community are there every year. This year the founder of Rstudio (but much more really), JJ Allaire was a keynote speaker. He gave a talk about Machine Learning with TensorFlow and R. 2. Single track. I ... [Read more...]

Adding Text to R Plot

November 5, 2015 | Eran Raviv

Diversity is a real strength. By now it is common knowledge. I often see institutions openly encourage multinational environment and multidisciplinary professionals, with specific “on-the-job” training to tailor for own needs. No one knows a lot about a lot, so bringing different together enhance independent thinking and knowledge available to ... [Read more...]

Using R to model the classic 60/40 investing rule

April 9, 2014 | Eran Raviv

Image by Timothy Poulton   A long-standing paradigm among savers and investors is to favor a mixture of 40% bonds and 60% equities. The simple rationale is that stocks will provide greater returns while bonds will serve as a diversifier when if equities fall. If you are saving for your pension, you probably ... [Read more...]

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