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Veterinary Epidemiologic Research: Modelling Survival Data – Non-Parametric Analyses

May 23, 2013 | denishaine

Next topic from Veterinary Epidemiologic Research: chapter 19, modelling survival data. We start with non-parametric analyses where we make no assumptions about either the distribution of survival times or the functional form of the relationship between a predictor and survival. There are 3 non-parametric methods to describe time-to-event data: actuarial life tables, ... [Read more...]

Veterinary Epidemiologic Research: GLM – Logistic Regression

March 14, 2013 | denishaine

We continue to explore the book Veterinary Epidemiologic Research and today we’ll have a look at generalized linear models (GLM), specifically the logistic regression (chapter 16). In veterinary epidemiology, often the outcome is dichotomous (yes/no), representing the presence or absence of disease or mortality. We code 1 for the presence ... [Read more...]

Veterinary Epidemiologic Research: Linear Regression

February 14, 2013 | denishaine

This post will describe linear regression as from the book Veterinary Epidemiologic Research, describing the examples provided with R. Regression analysis is used for modeling the relationship between a single variable Y (the outcome, or dependent variable) measured on a continuous or near-continuous scale and one or more predictor (independent ... [Read more...]

Beeswarm Plot with ggplot2

September 16, 2011 | denishaine

A colleague showed me results of his study project with beeswarm plots made by GraphPad. I was wondering if it could be implemented in R and more specifically with ggplot2. There is a R package allowing to draw such graphs, the beeswarm package (beeswa... [Read more...]

R, JAGS and ggplot2

May 24, 2011 | denishaine

Last week a question was asked on the ggplot2 list about using ggplot2 and jags in R (). Here’s what was my answer (a bit updated): Using as an example the school dataset from R2WinBUGS package: Than you can use the mcmcplots package which give a “feel” of ggplot2: ... [Read more...]

Publishing in Veterinary Academic Journals

May 10, 2011 | denishaine

Following the post by Arthur Charpentier (Freakonometrics), I wondered what would be the outcome considering my current engagement (veterinary medicine, epidemiology, bovine mastitis). Briefly, Arthur Charpentier’s post looked at clusters of journals publishing the same kind of papers. So I looked at 25 journals (Journal of Dairy Science, Canadian Journal ... [Read more...]

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