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GitHub Stats on Programming Languages

August 9, 2010 | C

GitHub has become a popular site for Open Source Developers to stash code and collaborate on projects.  The following are some stats and analysis related to programming languages in use based upon the number of users and repositories.  T...
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Iris Data Set Visualization Web App in < 100 LOC

August 7, 2010 | C

The iris data set pops up pretty regularly in statistical literature.  It consists of 50 records from three species of Iris flowers (Iris setosa, Iris virginica and Iris versicolor).   I came across it recently while reading Introduction to Data Mining.   It comes up in several places in the book to demonstrate ...
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U.S. Unemployment Data: Animated Choropleth Maps

August 4, 2010 | C

I was curious about creating maps with ggplot2 - and was happy to find that great minds have long since tackled this topic.  Folks who are interested in how to learn about R (and ggplot2) might be interested in the process.  (There should be ...
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Suggestions for R-Chart iPhone App?

August 3, 2010 | C

Have any ideas for news sources to include in  the new R-Chart iPhone App?  I am hoping to make some revisions and fixes and figured I would get some feedback from anyone who happened download it.  Specifically, I am planning on removing...
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RODM Article on the Oracle Technology Network

August 3, 2010 | C

A new article over at OTN demonstrates the new RODM package that allows you to control Oracle Data Mining within the database itself using R.  This and the recent announcement over at Revolution Analytics both reveal more solutions for proces...
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Thinking about Graphs

July 30, 2010 | C

A recent Wall Street Journal article ruminated about the degree that language shapes thought (rather than the other way around).  This idea has rather profound implications in the more specific domain of programming languages. We initially learn a...
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Free R Chart iPhone App

July 30, 2010 | C

Download the free R-Chart iPhone Application for the latest news and updates from top R web sites... (and this blog too).App Store LinkLeave a comment if you have any feedback or suggestions!
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Pie Charts in ggplot2

July 29, 2010 | C

...and other isomorphic data shape presentations...The Pie Chart has been widely criticized in recent times by statisticians.  Edward Tufte goes as far as to call this the "prevailing orthodoxy."  The reasons generally cited:The rel...
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Hacker News User Base Changed?

July 26, 2010 | C

There are lots of references on Hacker news to the fact that the "good old days" are gone and that the character of the site has changed since it started.  The visualization above was based on a sample of users that posted on the site in recent ti...
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R Chart

July 24, 2010 | C

Been meaning to write this for awhile...An R-Chart is a statistical quality assurance tool used to determine if a process is stable (and predictable).  It is intended to maintain and improve the quality of a process (a more formal definition is av...
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Thoroughly Unusual Itches

July 23, 2010 | C

I have found myself over the years in a rather awkward situation.  I work in old-school, bricks and mortar industry IT shops for the most part.  However, I love many open source projects and identify with many of the values of start up cultur...
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BP Oil and Gas Recovery

July 21, 2010 | C

As mentioned in a previous post, the US Department of Energy has been providing data about the Deepwater Horizon as it becomes available.  Recently, the amount of oil and gas recovered was made available.  The spreadsheet includes a grap...
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Analyze Online R User Conference Data

July 19, 2010 | C

The R User Conference 2010 will be underway shortly - and what better way to commemorate the event than to  blast out some R code related to the conference?  HTML tables on websites for the past three years list participants an...
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What (Search Engines Think) People Want

July 17, 2010 | C

R O How G8 U R!Hey, R U there? Having used the R language for awhile now, I would like to let you know that R works - in fact R works really well. If you keep up with R news this should be no surprise...this is, after ...
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Maps, Geocoding, and the R User Conference 2010

July 14, 2010 | C

The R User Conference 2010 is scheduled for July 20-23, 2010.  Wanna know where?Although there are more sophisticated methods of mapping with R the maps package makes mapping activities straightforward.  A bit of XML and Google...
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World Cup 2010 Statistics Plotted with R

July 11, 2010 | C

Opta  agreed to let the UK Guardian Data Blog publish 2010 World Cup Team and Player statistics.  The data is available in a Google Docs spreadsheet.  There are two tabs on this spreadsheet - one is PLAYERS the other is TEAM st...
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World Government Data Store API (R and Ruby)

July 10, 2010 | C

The UK Guardian Data Blog has great visualizations on the topics of the day - along with with specific references to data sets and online resources in use.  You can find out more about the origins and plans of this and related data sites in t...
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