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The 1000 most-visited sites analyzed using R

June 5, 2010 | C

Ever wondered about which Computer and Electronics web sites get the most Page Views? Based upon data recently published by Google:The R program to create this graph is as follows:library(XML)# URL for the Google Datau="
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Free Online Statistics Books

June 5, 2010 | C

Sources as varied as Google's Chief Economist Hal Varian and threatening online personalty (offensive language warning) Zed Shaw have recognized a growing need for professionals with solid statistical skills to meet the technical challenges facing the ...
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GUI chart formatting with playwith

June 4, 2010 | C

There are a huge number of plots, annotations and parameters available in R for constructing charts and graphics. While looking through the R Programming wikibook I noticed a reference to a library called playwith. It provides a GUI that allows you ...
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Introductory Statistics with R

June 3, 2010 | C

I am in the process of reading several books on R, S or statistics. I can't say that I have completed any of these - at least to the depth that I would like to... but I have found them helpful up to this point in various ways. I'll add ...
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Color Palettes in R

June 2, 2010 | C

The simplest versions of plots use color rather sparingly. For instance, consider this simple bar chart:n=seq(1:12)barplot(n)Not exactly the most colorful thing you've ever seen eh?R provides standard color palettes comprised of vectors containing a s...
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Source Code Files in R

May 29, 2010 | C

R's interactive programming style is similar to what I have seen in other environments (e.g. ruby's irb and Oracle's SQL*Plus, etc). There are a few commands that you need to be aware of to get up and running with developing R programs.To identify yo...
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Number Formatting

May 11, 2010 | C

I was discussing some subject with my kids - can't recall if it was in the realm of astronomy, computing, or moder economics. In any case, it involved large numbers. I fired up R to do a quick calculation:__ 1000000000 / 1000The resulting answer was ...
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Putting Text in a Margin

May 10, 2010 | C

I found text and title early on but was initially confounded when trying to add text outside of an actual chart. As it turns out, I needed to understand a bit about R's concept of margins in a chart__ par(oma=c(2,2,2,2))__ plot(rnorm)__ mtext('The label'...
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String Concatenation in R

May 10, 2010 | C

String concatenation is a rather basic function - but my particular programming reflexes did not help me figure out how to do this in R. I tried the + and & operator, and even the || operator to no avail. Also tried concat() function... no dice. ...
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Initial Post

May 8, 2010 | C

As a web application and database developer who has spent most of my time in the world Java, Ruby, Python and SQL, the R language has some unfamiliar functionality.This blog will be comprised of tips and tricks for making charts with the R language.
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