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Monty Hall by simulation in R

February 3, 2012 | bayesianbiologist

(Almost) every introductory course in probability introduces conditional probability using the famous Monte Hall problem. In a nutshell, the problem is one of deciding on a best strategy in a simple game. In the game, the contestant is asked to select one of three doors. Behind one of the doors ... [Read more...]

Visualizing Sampling Distributions

September 25, 2011 | bayesianbiologist

Teacher: “How variable is your estimate of the mean?” Student: “Uhhh, it’s not. I took a sample and calculated the sample mean. I only have one number.” Teacher: “Yes, but what is the standard deviation of sample means?” Student: “What do you mean means, I only have the one ... [Read more...]

Visualizing Bayesian Updating

September 10, 2011 | bayesianbiologist

One of the most straightforward examples of how we use Bayes to update our beliefs as we acquire more information can be seen with a simple Bernoulli process. That is, a process which has only two  possible outcomes. Probably the most commonly thought of example is that of a coin ... [Read more...]

Real-time data collection and analysis in class

August 28, 2011 | bayesianbiologist

As September draws nearer, my mind inevitably turns away from my lofty (and largely unmet) summer research goals, and toward teaching.  This semester I will be trying out a teaching technique using live data collection and analysis as a tool to encourage student engagement.  The idea is based on the ... [Read more...]

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