Appsilon Staff Picks – Must See rstudio::conf(2022) Presentations

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appsilon staff picks for rstudio::conf(2022) presentations

The rstudio::conf is quickly approaching and we at Appsilon are so excited. It’s like waiting for your birthday; knowing full well that there will be surprises, presents, and lots of good times with friends!

This year’s conference is back in person and yes! Appsilon will be there. Appsilonians from Europe and the US will be flying to D.C. to speak, connect, and join the celebration for all things R and RStudio. 


In preparation for the conference, we’ve been bookmarking the workshops and presentations that each of us is looking forward to the most. Of course, Appsilon will be introducing Rhino and we highly recommend you join Kamil Zyla during his presentation, “Introducing Rhino: Shiny application framework for enterprise.”

But there are so many other inspiring speakers and interesting topics that we thought we’d share a few of our top picks. Be sure to check them out and come say hi to us in the crowd as we watch the future of R roll out on the big stage!

Between presentations be sure to find us at our booth to grab some free swag and friendly conversation, and see what the buzz is about!

appsilon exhibition booth at rstudio::conf(2022)

Rhino Talk

As mentioned, Full Stack Engineer and fellow Appsilonian Kamil Zyla will be presenting Appsilon’s latest open-source project, Rhino. You can find his scheduled presentation here: “Introducing Rhino: Shiny application framework for enterprise”.

As one of the core developers of Rhino, Kamil Zyla will bring his unique insight into how the idea of an enterprise framework evolved at Appsilon and how it could benefit your project. 

Appsilon has worked with many top global companies and Fortune 500s, across industries like pharmaceuticals, finance, real estate, actuarial, logistics, and more. So to say we have an understanding of what it takes to implement Shiny in enterprise is an understatement. 

Rhino is our way of improving our own workflow and we want to share that with you. After all, the Shiny space is growing and it’s high time we had a top-notch framework for enterprises. 

Come join Kamil as he shares Appsilon’s experiences, the work in our lab, and how to ensure success in your Shiny project. See if Rhino is a good fit for you and build better enterprise-grade applications.

rstudio::conf 2022 keynote recommendations

There will be four keynotes this year and if your time is limited, don’t miss out on these. Our overall recommendation is Joe Cheng’s keynote, “The Past and Future of Shiny.” RStudio CTO and Shiny creator, Joe Cheng will present on Wednesday, July 27 at 4:30 PM EDT. 

From our recent Appsilon Shiny Conference panel, Joe Cheng and Winston Chang hinted at some big things to come and if it’s anything like the Quarto release, we’ll be glued to those conference seats. 

And on the topic of Quarto, be sure to catch Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel and Julia Stewart Lowndes’ presentation, “Reimage + Collaborate + Share with Quarto.” We’re excited about the future of Quarto and how it will benefit the Shiny community! 

Additional keynotes on good ML practices, “Good practices for applied machine learning – form model development to model deployment,” and a unique perspective on training, “Data science training in communities with limited technology resources and opportunities,” will be exciting to watch! We find high value in these talks as our ML team continues to grow and the need for sharing our technical knowledge increases through avenues like our D4G initiative

Rstudio::conf 2022 workshop recommendations

It wouldn’t be a conference without workshops and this year, rstudio::conf boasts 16 workshops! If we could join them all, we would. But if your conference schedule is as packed as ours, we have a few recommendations for you:

Workshop recommendation for R newcomers

If you’re new to R, we recommend “Introduction to the tidyverse” for all the data science newcomers. The tidyverse is an excellent resource for R open-source packages. This collection of packages is a great way to get started as it’s filled with must-knows from data wrangling to design philosophy.

Workshop recommendation for data visualization in R

Data visualization is key to sharing your data story. And ggplot2 is a must-have tool in your data visualization toolbelt. Learn how to create visually appealing, engaging, and complex graphics in ggplot2 with “Graphic Design with ggplot2: How to Create Engaging and Complex Visualizations in R.”

Looking to get a headstart? Read our complete guides to ggplot2 on: Boxplots, Bar Charts, Line Charts, and Scatterplots

Workshop recommendations for reporting in R

R is the perfect tool for transforming, manipulating, and analyzing data. If you’re heading to rstudio::conf, we don’t need to sell you on the pros of R programming for data science. But if you’re looking to understand the future of report generation and publication we recommend the following workshops:

Stay GxP compliant with good documentation practices in R Markdown and {officedown}.

rhino talk exhibition rstudio::conf(2022)

Appsilonians in the crowd – rstudio::conf 2022 staff picks

Several Appsilonians will be at the conference, in person. If you’re looking to add some new R package stickers to your collection, seek out our navy blue-shirted team and our conference booth! 

As big fans of R and Shiny, we’ll be sitting in on some of the exciting talks in this impressive lineup of presentations. We’ve asked a few of our Appsilonians which talks, keynotes, and workshops they’ve got bookmarked. Seek us out in the crowd and join us as we see what the future holds for R and Shiny!

Looking to make the switch to Shiny for your enterprise? See 6 lessons for building Shiny apps for enterprises

Of course, when we asked each other about our top picks for presentations at this year’s rstudio::conf, Kamil’s Rhino talk was #1. But in the interest of the many, many presentations available this year, we excluded this choice. Don’t worry, Kamil; we’ll still be in the crowd cheering you on!

Paweł Przytuła (Appsilon Co-Founder and VP of Engineering)

Damian Rodziewicz (Appsilon Co-Founder and President)

Kamil Żyła (Senior Software Engineer, Rhino Tech Lead)

Pedro Silva (Front-end and R Shiny Developer)

Ian E Moore (Technical Evangelist)

Closing – rstudio::conf(2022) recommendations

These are just a few of the talks in the impressive lineup at the 2022 rstudio::conf. If anyone finds that time-turner device from Hermoine, please send it our way because we’d love to join in at every event! 

In lieu of magical devices, we’ll be making the most of the conference in the best way we can. We’ll be chatting with folks on the conference floor and sitting in at presentations from the brightest minds in R and Shiny!

See what’s possible in Shiny development at Appsilon’s R Shiny Demo Gallery

We hope you are as excited as we are to be back in person and celebrate R and RStudio. Be sure to come say hello and grab some Appsilon swag. Ask us about Rhino and join the fun!

If you grab any cool pics be sure to tag us on Twitter. See you soon!

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