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Are you curious about Artificial Intelligence Examples? If you answered yes, then this article is for you. 

We’ll go over some Artificial Intelligence instances here. So, spend a few minutes reading this article to learn everything there is to know about Artificial Intelligence Examples.

What are some examples of artificial intelligence?

Before going on to examples of artificial intelligence. To begin, you should understand what Artificial Intelligence is.

Let’s begin by defining Artificial Intelligence.

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What is the definition of AI?

What do you comprehend by “Artificial Intelligence,” as the term suggests?

It refers to artificial, Right?. Let’s take a closer look at it.

What exactly do you mean by “artificial”?

Artificial means are not anything that belongs to humans.

What exactly do you mean by “intelligence”?

Intelligence is defined as the ability to think, learn, and comprehend.

Artificial intelligence does, in fact, make machines as intelligent as humans. Artificial Intelligence’s major goal is to make machines as intelligent and considerate as humans.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a vast field of computer science. AI enables machines to imitate human behavior.

Artificial intelligence empowers robots to the point where they can make decisions for themselves. AI empowers machines with common sense, logic, and decision-making abilities.

Robots employ artificial intelligence to mimic human behavior.

What are some examples of artificial intelligence?

However, AI is not just for robotics. Artificial Intelligence is being used in almost every industry. In the next section, We’ll cover AI applications.

History of Artificial Intelligence.

What are some examples of artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, as most of us believe, is the most recent technology. However, did you know that it was invented in the 1950s?

We’ll talk about how Artificial Intelligence has evolved over time. This section can be skipped if you are not interested in the history of AI.

  1. Alan Turing proposed the Turing Test in 1950. Isaac Asimov proposed the Three Laws of Robotics in the same year, 1950.

2. The first AI program was written in 1951.

3. The first self-learning game-playing program was developed in 1955.

4. The MIT AI Lab was founded in 1959.

5. The first robot was introduced to the GM assembly line in 1961.

6. They watched the first demonstration of an AI program that understood normal language in 1964.

7. The first chatbot, “Eliza,” was created in 1965.

8. Stanford AI Lab produced the first autonomous automobile in 1974.

9. Carnegie Mellon University developed the first neural network-based autonomous car in 1989.

10. At chess, IBM Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov in 1997.

11. Sony released AIBO in 1999. The MIT AI Lab demonstrated the first emotional AI in the same year.

12. Google began developing self-driving cars in 2009.

13. Narrative Science AI exhibited its report-writing abilities in 2010.

14. Siri, Google Now, and Cortana gained popularity in 2011.

15. Elon Musk and others announced a $1 billion gift to Open AI in 2015.

16. The Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence was established at UC Berkley in 2016.

17. Google released “Duplex” in 2018. Duplex is a digital personal assistant. It’s an artificial intelligence program.

As we’ve seen, AI isn’t a new concept. Year after year, it expands.

Let’s look at how Artificial Intelligence works now.

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Are you curious about how AI works?

AI helps machines to learn, think, and make decisions, as we mentioned in the preceding section. So, how do computers learn?

As a result, Machine Learning enters the scene. Artificial Intelligence includes the subset of Machine Learning. There are numerous algorithms in Machine Learning.

Machine learning is the process of using various algorithms to learn from training data. Machines can predict or make decisions after being trained.

There are three types of learning in machine learning:

  1. Learning under supervision.
  2. Learning without supervision.
  3. Learning by reinforcement.

Learning is used to solve problems.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Case Studies

Are you interested in learning more about Artificial Intelligence Examples?

Let’s look at the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Examples.

1. Autonomous Vehicles

Artificial intelligence is exemplified by self-driving cars. There is no need for a driver in self-driving cars. The automobile is well-versed in artificial intelligence.

You only need to enter your destination in self-driving automobiles. You don’t have to give any specific instructions, such as how to use a break or when to stop.

These smart automobiles identify impediments on their own. So Artificial Intelligence has made all of this feasible.

2. Sophia (A Robot)

Hanson Robotics is the creator of Sophia. The firm Hanson Robotics is situated in Hong Kong. Sophia was turned on in 2016.

Sophia is able to converse thanks to natural language processing. She, like humans, can make a variety of facial expressions.

Sophia now holds Saudi Arabian citizenship. She is the city’s first robot resident.

3. Google Assistant/Alexa/Siri

These are terms that we are all familiar with. Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. So, how do you suppose they work?

They are all Artificial Intelligence examples. You only need to send them your question, and they will respond in a matter of seconds. This is accomplished by natural language processing.

Amazon Alexa can be used to link many household devices. Then Alexa can control all of your devices.

4. Recommendation of a Product

Online websites or mobile applications employ product recommendations. They keep track of your previous purchase habits. And depending on them, suggest new goods.

Assume you buy a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes. When you return to that site, you will get a recommendation for a different pair of pants and shoes.

Artificial Intelligence has made this possible.

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5. Use a chatbot

Do you aware that the person responding to customer service is a chatbot, not a human?

Yes. AI has now made it possible. A chatbot is an artificial intelligence-based program that replaces human customer service.

They have the ability to take your query, process it, and resolve it.

6. Image Recognition on Facebook

Do you ever consider how Facebook tags your friends with their names when you share an image on Facebook?

Artificial Intelligence is what this is. Facebook employs image recognition, which aids in the recognition of a person’s image.

This feature simplifies our lives. We used to do it manually before this feature. However, it now automatically recognizes images and tags them with names.

7. GPS 

GPS provides real-time traffic updates. Which road has the least amount of traffic? It can also tell you when you will arrive at a specific area.

Assume you begin driving and enter your starting point and destination. Google smart maps calculate your arrival time based on these coordinates. It also provides the path that takes the least amount of time.

8. Pandora

Pandora is an artificial intelligence-powered music service. It assists you in locating the next music you should listen to.

This is not a collection of music chosen at random. Pandora’s creators infused their musical DNA into the AI to the extent that professional musicians do.

They studied every music on the planet. After that, they split it down into 400 different musical characteristics.

As a result, when you choose a song, AI will analyze it and recommend music with a comparable style, flow, and substance. So your next song will sound a lot like the one before it.


Artificial Intelligence is being used by Nomura Securities to study the insights of experienced stock traders.

It’s a brand-new stock trading system. It keeps track of a large amount of trading data and forecasts future stock market prices.

Artificial Intelligence is being used by several banks to provide customer care, fraud detection, and other services. The private bank employs an AI-based chatbot known as “ASK EVA.” In 0.4 seconds, EVA can answer your question.

10. Plantix and BLUE RIVER

Agriculture makes use of Blue River Technology. They created the See & Spray robot.

This robot monitors and sprays weedicide (a chemical spray) on cotton plants using computer vision technology.

PEAT, a Berlin-based AI startup, created Plantix. Plantix detects soil problems and nutrient inadequacy using image recognition.

Plantix allows you to post photos of plants taken with your smartphone. It will recognize and make recommendations.

We hope you now know what artificial intelligence is, its history, how it works, and some AI instances. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments area.

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