The R Journal, Volume 7/2, December 2015 – is online!

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Table of contents

Editorial Bettina Grün4

Contributed Research Articles

Fitting Conditional and Simultaneous Autoregressive Spatial Models in hglm Moudud Alam, Lars Rönnegård, Xia Shen5

VSURF: An R Package for Variable Selection Using Random Forests Robin Genuer, Jean-Michel Poggi, Christine Tuleau-Malot19

zoib: An R Package for Bayesian Inference for Beta Regression and Zero/One Inflated Beta Regression Fang Liu, Yunchuan Kong34

apc: An R Package for Age-Period-Cohort Analysis Bent Nielsen52

QuantifQuantile: An R Package for Performing Quantile Regression Through Optimal Quantization Isabelle Charlier, Davy Paindaveine, Jérôme Saracco65

Numerical Evaluation of the Gauss Hypergeometric Function with the hypergeo Package Robin K. S. Hankin81

SRCS: Statistical Ranking Color Scheme for Visualizing Parameterized Multiple Pairwise Comparisons with R Pablo J. Villacorta, José A. Sáez89

An R Package for the Panel Approach Method for Program Evaluation: pampe Ainhoa Vega-Bayo105

BSGS: Bayesian Sparse Group Selection Kuo-Jung Lee, Ray-Bing Chen122

ClustVarLV: An R Package for the Clustering of Variables Around Latent Variables Evelyne Vigneau, Mingkun Chen, El Mostafa Qannari134

Working with Multilabel Datasets in R: The mldr Package Francisco Charte, David Charte149

PracTools: Computations for Design of Finite Population Samples Richard Valliant, Jill A. Dever, Frauke Kreuter163

ALTopt: An R Package for Optimal Experimental Design of Accelerated Life Testing Kangwon Seo, Rong Pan177

abctools: An R Package for Tuning Approximate Bayesian Computation Analyses Matthew A. Nunes, Dennis Prangle189

mtk: A General-Purpose and Extensible R Environment for Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analyses of Numerical Experiments Juhui Wang, Robert Faivre, Hervé Richard, Hervé Monod206

treeClust: An R Package for Tree-Based Clustering Dissimilarities Samuel E. Buttrey, Lyn R. Whitaker227

mmpp: A Package for Calculating Similarity and Distance Metrics for Simple and Marked Point Processes Hideitsu Hino, Ken Takano, Noboru Murata237

Open-Channel Computation with R Michael C. Koohafkan, Bassam A. Younis249

Generalized Hermite Distribution Modelling with the R Package hermite David Moriña, Manuel Higueras, Pedro Puig, María Oliveira263

Code Profiling in R: A Review of Existing Methods and an Introduction to Package GUIProfiler Angel Rubio, Fernando de Villar275

News and Notes

The R Consortium and the R Foundation Martyn Plummer288

Conference Report: useR! 2015 Torben Tvedebrink289

News from the Bioconductor Project The Bioconductor Team291

Changes in R The R Core Team293

Changes on CRAN Kurt Hornik, Achim Zeileis298

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