Top 77 R posts for 2014 (+R jobs)

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The site is now 5 years old. It strives to be an (unofficial) online journal of the R statistical programming environment, written by bloggers who agreed to contribute their R articles to the site, to be read by the R community.

In this post I wish to celebrate R-bloggers’ 5th birth-month by sharing with you:

  1. Links to the top 77 most read R posts of 2014
  2. Statistics on “how well” R-bloggers did this year
  3. A list of top open R jobs for the beginning of 2015

1. Top 77 R posts for 2014

  1. Using apply, sapply, lapply in R
  2. Basics of Histograms
  3. Box-plot with R – Tutorial
  4. Adding a legend to a plot
  5. Read Excel files from R
  6. In-depth introduction to machine learning in 15 hours of expert videos
  7. Select operations on R data frames
  8. Setting graph margins in R using the par() function and lots of cow milk
  9. R Function of the Day: tapply
  10. Prediction model for the FIFA World Cup 2014
  11. ANOVA and Tukey’s test on R
  12. Model Validation: Interpreting Residual Plots
  13. ggplot2: Cheatsheet for Visualizing Distributions
  14. How to plot a graph in R
  15. Using R: barplot with ggplot2
  16. Color Palettes in R
  17. A million ways to connect R and Excel
  18. Merging Multiple Data Files into One Data Frame
  19. How to become a data scientist in 8 easy steps: the infographic
  20. ROC curves and classification
  21. A Brief Tour of the Trees and Forests
  22. Polynomial regression techniques
  23. To attach() or not attach(): that is the question
  24. R skills attract the highest salaries
  25. The R apply function – a tutorial with examples
  26. Melt
  27. Two sample Student’s t-test #1
  28. High Resolution Figures in R
  29. Datasets to Practice Your Data Mining
  30. Exploratory Data Analysis: 2 Ways of Plotting Empirical Cumulative Distribution Functions in R
  31. Basic Introduction to ggplot2
  32. Using R: Two plots of principal component analysis
  33. Reorder factor levels
  34. Fitting a Model by Maximum Likelihood
  35. Pivot tables in R
  36. How do I Create the Identity Matrix in R?
  37. A practical introduction to garch modeling
  38. Download and Install R in Ubuntu
  39. Paired Student’s t-test
  40. dplyr: A gamechanger for data manipulation in R
  41. Computing and visualizing PCA in R
  42. Plotting Time Series data using ggplot2
  43. Automatically Save Your Plots to a Folder
  44. Environments in R
  45. Hands-on dplyr tutorial for faster data manipulation in R
  46. Multiple Y-axis in a R plot
  47. Make R speak SQL with sqldf
  48. MySQL and R
  49. paste, paste0, and sprintf
  50. Creating surface plots
  51. R: Using RColorBrewer to colour your figures in R
  52. Five ways to handle Big Data in R
  53. Free books on statistical learning
  54. Export R Results Tables to Excel – Please don’t kick me out of your club
  55. Linear mixed models in R
  56. Running R on an iPhone/iPad with RStudio
  57. When to Use Stacked Barcharts?
  58. Date Formats in R
  59. Making matrices with zeros and ones
  60. Converting a list to a data frame
  61. A Fast Intro to PLYR for R
  62. Using R: common errors in table import
  63. Text Mining the Complete Works of William Shakespeare
  64. Mastering Matrices
  65. Summarising data using box and whisker plots
  66. R : NA vs. NULL
  67. Scatterplot Matrices
  68. Getting Started with Mixed Effect Models in R
  69. The Fourier Transform, explained in one sentence
  70. Import/Export data to and from xlsx files
  71. An R “meta” book
  72. R Function of the Day: table
  73. Facebook teaches you exploratory data analysis with R
  74. Simple Linear Regression
  75. Regular expressions in R vs RStudio
  76. Fitting distributions with R
  77. Drawing heatmaps in R

2. Statistics – how well did R-bloggers do this year?

There are several matrices one can consider when evaluating the success of a website.  I’ll present a few of them here and will begin by talking about the visitors to the site.

This year, the site was visited by 2.7 million users, in 7 million sessions with 11.6 million pageviews. People have surfed the site from over 230 countries, with the greatest number of visitors coming from the United States (38%) and then followed by the United Kingdom (6.7%), Germany (5.5%), India( 5.1%), Canada (4%), France (2.9%), and other countries. 62% of the site’s visits came from returning users. R-bloggers has between 15,000 to 20,000 RSS/e-mail subscribers.

The site is aggregating posts from 569 bloggers, and there are over a hundred more which I will add in the next couple of months.

I had to upgrade the site’s server and software several times this year to manage the increase in load, and I believe that the site is now more stable than ever.

I gave an interview about R-bloggers in at useR!2014 which you might be interested in:

I am very happy to see that R-bloggers continues to succeed in offering a real service to the global R users community – thank you all for your generosity, professionalism, kindness, and love.

3. Top 10 R jobs from 2014

This year I started a new site for sharing R users to share and fine new jobs called:

If you are an employer who is looking to hire people from the R community, please visit this link to post a new R job (it’s free, and registration takes less than 10 seconds).

If you are a job seekers, please follow the links below to learn more and apply for your job of interest (or visit previous R jobs posts).

Below are the top 10 open jobs (you can see new jobs at

  1. Senior programmer / business analyst for customized solutions (1,497 views)
  2. MatrixBI Data scientist (1,308 views)
  3. Data genius, modeller, creative analyst (1,222 views)
  4. Data Scientist for developing the algorithmic core of Supersonic (1,154 views)
  5. Content Developer-R (1,054 views)
  6. Looking for a partner to code an algorithm which will trade pairs in R (834 views)
  7. Statistician for a six-month project contract in Milano, Italy. (773 views)
  8. R programmer for spatial data – Germany (738 views)
  9. Team leader Data Analysis of wind turbine data(701 views)
  10. Sr. PRedictive Modeler (688 views)

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