Merry Christmas Using R

December 24, 2009

(This article was first published on Keep on Fighting! » R Language, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

Life should be fun. I saw a post in R-help list saying Merry Christmas to other useRs, and I followed up by some R code which can produce a naive animation like this:

Here is the code to generate the above Flash animation with shining Christmas:

    n = length(speed <- runif(angle <- runif(x <- strsplit("MERRY CHRISTMAS",
        "")[[1]], 0, 360), 0, 15))
    for (j in 1:300) {
        angle = angle + speed
        plot.window(c(1, n), c(0, 1))
        for (i in 1:n) text(i, 0.5, x[i], srt = angle[i], cex = runif(1,
            1, 4), col = sample(colors(), 1))
        text(n, 0, "Yihui @ 2009-12-24 (",
            adj = c(1, 0), col = "white", cex = 0.8)
}, interval = 0.04, dev = "pdf", outdir = getwd(), para = list(mar = rep(0,
    4), bg = "black"), width = 8, height = 1)
## in animation package (>=1.1-0), see demo('Xmas')

There are other animation formats in the R package animation:

  1. use saveMovie() to get a GIF animation (need ImageMagick)
  2. ani.start() and ani.stop() can produce an HTML page with the animation in it
  3. saveLatex() can embed an animation into a PDF document

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