Installing the RGoogleAnalytics package

June 20, 2013

(This article was first published on Tatvic Blog » R, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

In this blog post, I would walk you through the steps from downloading to installing the RGoogleAnalytics package on your machine.

The RGoogleAnalytics package currently resides at  href=""> and this page lists the latest developments around the package. The zip and tarball archives for the package can be obtained from the Downloads Section.

Once you download the archive, fire up the RStudio interface and click on the Install Packages button in the Packages tab and select the Package Archive File option as shown in this screenshot.


href=""> class="wp-image-4229 aligncenter" title="RStudio Screen" src="" alt="" width="700" /> href=""> />

Browse to the location containing the downloaded package archive and install it. Your RStudio console should then display the following messages :

href=""> class="wp-image-4231 aligncenter" title="R console" src="" alt="" width="690" height="352" />

As an aside, RGoogleAnalytics requires a couple of addtional packages for its working. These are : rjson, RCurl and bitops. These can be downloaded by clicking on Install Packages again, selecting Repository(CRAN, CRANExtra) and typing the package name.

Do let us know if this worked out for you. As a next step, you might be interested in learning how to extract Google Analytics data extraction in R. Here’s the link :  href="" >
Update : You might get a warning saying that the package is not available for R 3.0.0 or R 3.0.1. This is warning message specific to RStudio. While installing this package from RStudio, it will call getDependencies() to check its dependencies and also identify that whether the original  package exists on CRAN and throws the given warning when it doesn’t. As RGoogleAnalytics package is not on CRAN, hence the warning. and can be safely ignored. I hope this should be fixed up when RGoogleAnalytics is ported on CRAN. Doing the installation from default R console shall not fire this warning message.

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