Array position to matrix coordinates conversion

May 30, 2011

(This article was first published on me nugget, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

#A function that is sometimes useful in determining the 
#coordinate(i.e. row and column number) of a matrix position
#(and vice-versa).
#Either a vector of positions ("pos")
#OR a 2 column matrix of matrix coordinates, ("coord", i.e. cbind(row,col)),
#AND the matrix dimentions must be supplied (dim.mat, i.e. c(nrow,ncol)).
pos2coord<-function(pos=NULL, coord=NULL, dim.mat=NULL){
if(is.null(pos) & is.null(coord) | is.null(dim.mat)){
stop("must supply either 'pos' or 'coord', and 'dim.mat'")
if(is.null(pos) & !is.null(coord) & !is.null(dim.mat)){
pos <- ((coord[,2]-1)*dim.mat[1])+coord[,1]
if(!is.null(pos) & is.null(coord) & !is.null(dim.mat)){
coord <- matrix(NA, nrow=length(pos), ncol=2)
coord[,1] <- ((pos-1) %% dim.mat[1]) +1
coord[,2] <- ((pos-1) %/% dim.mat[1]) +1

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