Visualize violent crime rates in US with choroplethr package

April 11, 2014

(This article was first published on My Life as a Mock Quant in English, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

Visualize violent crime rates in different US States with choroplethr package

Visualize violent crime rates in different US States with choroplethr package

I knew choroplethr package by the blog post Animated Choropleths in R a few days ago. As a another visualization tool in R language, I wana try this one.

To install the latest stable release(CRAN) type the following from an R console:


To install the development version using the devtools package from github:

install_github("choroplethr", "trulia")

It's not interesting for me to run just example codes written in choroplethr package, I used other data from rMaps package as a quick data source and visualize it!

install_github("ramnathv/[email protected]")

Now we can use violent crime rates data in US included in rMaps package.

We can create animated choropleths as the following page:

In my case, we just process the data and visualize it as the follwing simple code:

# load packages
# initialization list and get years from violent_crime data
choropleths = list()
# Get years for loop
years <- sort(unique(violent_crime$Year))
# convert to level data
violent_crime$Crime <- cut(violent_crime$Crime, 9)
# Create choropleth component.
for (i in 1:length(years)) {
df <- subset(violent_crime, Year == years[i])
# We need to change the column names for choroplethr function
colnames(df) <- c("Year", "region", "value")
# Cut decimal off df$value <- round(df$value)
title <- paste0("Violent crime rates: ", years[i])
choropleths[[i]] = choroplethr(df, "state", title = title)
# Vizualize it!

The result is published via Dropbox as the following (image)link.


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