Tips for the R beginner (a 5 page overview)

August 23, 2010 | Tal Galili

In this post I publish a PDF document titled “A collection of tips for R in Finance”. It is a basic 5 page introduction to R in finances by Arnaud Amsellem (linked in profile). The article offers tips related to the following points: Code Editor Organizing R code Update packages Getting ... [Read more...]

A brief introduction to “apply” in R

August 19, 2010 | nsaunders

At any R Q&A site, you’ll frequently see an exchange like this one: Q: How can I use a loop to [...insert task here...] ? A: Don’t. Use one of the apply functions. So, what are these wondrous apply functions and how do they work? I think the ... [Read more...]

Rose plot using Deducers ggplot2 plot builder

August 16, 2010 | Tal Galili

The (excellent!) LearnR blog had a post today about making a rose plot in ggplot2. Following today’s announcement, by Ian Fellows, regarding the release of the new version of Deducer (0.4) offering a strong support for ggplot2 using a GUI plot builder, Ian also sent an e-mail where he shows ... [Read more...]

Get up and running with R, Sweave, and LaTex

July 2, 2010 | --

There are a lot of great references on the web on how to levarage LaTeX for reporting and presentations (beamer), but as someone who is completely new to R and reproducible research, I was having a pretty hard time figuring out simply what to do (what tools, where do you ... [Read more...]

biomaRt and GenomeGraphs: a worked example

June 6, 2010 | nsaunders

As promised a few posts ago, another demonstration of the excellent biomaRt package, this time in conjunction with GenomeGraphs. Here’s what we’re going to do: Grab some public microarray data Normalise and get a list of the most differentially-expressed probesets Use biomaRt to fetch the genes associated with ... [Read more...]

Creating surface plots

May 28, 2010 | Ralph

A 3d wireframe plot is a type of graph that is used to display a surface – geographic data is an example of where this type of graph would be used or it could be used to display a fitted model with more than one explanatory variable. These plots are related ...
[Read more...]

Displaying data using level plots

May 3, 2010 | Ralph

A level plot is a type of graph that is used to display a surface in two rather than three dimensions – the surface is viewed from above as if we were looking straight down and is an alternative to a contour plot – geographic data is an example of where this ...
[Read more...]

Summarising data using box and whisker plots

April 25, 2010 | Ralph

A box and whisker plot is a type of graphical display that can be used to summarise a set of data based on the five number summary of this data. The summary statistics used to create a box and whisker plot are the median of the data, the lower and ...
[Read more...]

Repeated measures ANOVA with R (tutorials)

April 13, 2010 | Tal Galili

Repeated measures ANOVA is a common task for the data analyst. There are (at least) two ways of performing “repeated measures ANOVA” using R but none is really trivial, and each way has it’s own complication/pitfalls (explanation/solution to which I was usually able to find through searching ... [Read more...]

Correlation scatter-plot matrix for ordered-categorical data

April 7, 2010 | Tal Galili

When analyzing a questionnaire, one often wants to view the correlation between two or more Likert questionnaire item’s (for example: two ordered categorical vectors ranging from 1 to 5). When dealing with several such Likert variable’s, a clear presentation of all the pairwise relation’s between our variable can be ... [Read more...]

Validating credit card numbers in SAS

March 16, 2010 | heuristicandrew

Major credit card issuing networks (including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) allow simple credit card number validation using the Luhn Algorithm (also called the “modulus 10″ or “mod 10″ algorithm). The following code demonstrates an implementation in SAS. The code also validates the credit card number by length and by checking ... [Read more...]

Weighting model fit with ctree in party

March 15, 2010 | heuristicandrew

Conditional inference trees (ctree) in package party allows weighting which is useful when one classification outcome is more important than another. Useful examples are not difficult to imagine: in a marketing direct mailing, a false positive (non-res... [Read more...]

A nice link: “Some hints for the R beginner”

March 7, 2010 | Tal Galili

Patrick Burns just posted to the mailing list the following massage: There is now a document called “Some hints for the R beginner” whose purpose is to get people up and running with R as quickly as possible. Direct access to it is: http://www.burns-stat.com/pages/Tutor/hints_... [Read more...]

Responding to the Flowingdata GDP Graph Challenge

February 25, 2010 | Hrishi Mittal

Nathan Yau of Flowingdata put up a challenge earlier today to improve upon a graph showing government spending as a percentage of GDP, published in the Economist. The underlying data wasn’t available. So I put on my graph-to-numbers glasses on and pulled out some data. Here it is in ... [Read more...]

The R type system

February 21, 2010 | Chris

R is a weird beast. Through it's ancestor the S language, it claims a proud heritage reaching back to Bell Labs in the 1970's when S was created as an interactive wrapper around a set of statistical and numerical subroutines. As a programming language,...
[Read more...]
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