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Helping the blind use R – by exporting R console to Word

May 22, 2010

Preface – R seems a natural fit for the blind statistician For blind people who wish to do statistics, R can be ideal. R command line interface offers straight forward statistical scripting in the form of question (what is the mean of x) followed by an answer (0.2). That is, instead of point-and-click dialog boxes with jumping windows of...

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R: directing output to file on the fly, output flushing

May 4, 2010

To start sending all output to a file, do this: sink("path/to/filename") # Direct all output to file print("Hi there") # Will be printed to file sink() # Turn off buffing to file Related to this I recently had to use: flush.console() This forces your console to print out any buffered content. Doing this will cost time, but if you are running

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