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Grabbing Tables in Webpages Using the XML Package

October 24, 2010

ables are pretty common in web pages as data sources, and the most direct way to get these data is probably to copy and paste. This is OK if there are only two or three tables, and when we need to grab 5000 tables in 1000 web pages, we may not really wish to fulfill

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SyntaxHighlighter Brush for the R Language

September 11, 2010

al Galili requested in the R-help mailing list for a SyntaxHighlighter brush for the R language, so that WordPress users can highlight their R code easily. I promised to contribute a few minutes on this task, and here is the result: /** * Author: Yihui Xie * URL: * License: GPL-2 | GPL-3 */

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Formatting Decimals in Texts with R

August 30, 2009
Formatting Decimals in Texts with R

anping Chen raised a question in the Chinese COS forum on the output of Eviews: how to (re)format the decimal coefficients in equations as text output? For example, we want to round the numbers in CC = 16.5547557654 + 0.0173022117998*PP + 0.216234040485 * PP(-1) + 0.810182697599 * (WP + WG) to the 3rd decimal places.

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