How to outrun a crashing alien spaceship

June 11, 2012 | John Mount

Hollywood movies are obsessed with outrunning explosions and outrunning crashing alien spaceships. For explosions the movies give the optimal (but unusable) solution: run straight away. For crashing alien spaceships they give the same advice, but in this case it is wrong. We demonstrate the correct angle to flee. Running from ... [Read more...]

Prime testing function in R

August 20, 2011 | wrathematics

I was hoping to begin tinkering a bit with the multicore package in R beyond some extremely trivial examples.  Thanks to a combination of R’s dumb quirkiness (for example, being worthless on loops), my poor planning, and general bad programming, my Saturday afternoon tinkering project is ultimately worthless in ... [Read more...]

Happy Pi Day, Now Go Estimate It!

March 14, 2011 | Drew Conway

As you may know, today is Pi Day, when all good nerds take a moment to thank the geeks of antiquity for their painstaking work in estimating this marvelous mathematical constant. It is also a great opportunity to thank contemporary geeks for the wonders of modern computing, which allow us ... [Read more...]

Visualizing Facebook Friends: Eye Candy in R

December 18, 2010 | Paul Butler

Earlier this week I published a data visualization on the Facebook Engineering blog which, to my surprise, has received a lot of media covereage. I’ve received a lot comments about the image, many asking for more details on how I … Continue reading → [Read more...]

An experiment in A/B Testing my Résumé

July 1, 2010 | Paul Butler

Objective I’ll admit it: my résumé doesn’t stand out. I’ve had some great internships, but also a tendency to work for companies that aren’t (yet!) household names. And though I’m doing fine academically, it’s not well enough to stand out … Continue reading → [Read more...]

Why R doesn’t suck

June 19, 2010 | Paul Butler

I first encountered the R programming language a few years ago when I needed to make some plots. Although I’ve used it occasionally since, I always considered it a sort of “Perl for statisticians” — a useful swiss-army knife with … Continue reading → [Read more...]

no “Infinities”

March 12, 2009 | Paolo

Thanks to  Pierre-Yves for the below useful tip!if you have a dataset from which you want the max or min but they have to be real number and not "Inf" or "-Inf" there is a way to do it:data
[Read more...]

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