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Trends in partisanship by state

January 24, 2011

Matthew Yglesias discusses how West Virginia used to be a Democratic state but is now solidly Republican. I thought it would be helpful to expand this to look at trends since 1948 (rather than just 1988) and all 50 states...

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Distorting the Electoral Connection? Partisan Representation in Confirmation Politics

July 17, 2010

John Kastellec, Jeff Lax, and Justin Phillips write: Do senators respond to the preferences of their states' median voters or only to the preferences of their co-partisans? We study responsiveness using roll call votes on te...

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Income inequality and partisan voting in the United States

October 29, 2009

Lane Kenworthy, Yu-Sung Su, and I write: Income inequality in the United States has risen during the past several decades. Has this produced an increase in partisan voting differences between rich and poor? We examine trends from the 1940s thr...

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Who wants school vouchers? Rich whites and poor nonwhites

June 15, 2009

As part of our Red State, Blue State research, we developed statistical tools for estimating public opinion among subsets of the population. Recently Yu-Sung Su, Yair Ghitza, and I applied these methods to see where school vouchers are more or...

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