Some Facts about Jeff Leek

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I have not written blog posts for quite a while. It is not because I don’t have anything to write. On the contrary, I have a huge amount of things that I could have written about, e.g., how I collect and manage GIFs, and some stories behind the publication of the bookdown book. A lot of things have happened since the last time I wrote a post here. I’ll explain them later this year.

Today I started this post only because I love memes and rumors (with no bad intentions), especially those about the guys behind Simply Statistics. These guys are a lot of fun. So Jeff Leek asked on Twitter the other day about an R interface to Alexa Skills (Cc’ed me probably because of my Shiny Voice app).

I don’t know anything about Alexa, but the funny thing was that rumors quickly emerged in the replies:

And I just wanted to collect these unknown “facts” about Jeff A-leek-sa:

  • @DrJWolfson: Jeff Leek smooths densities with his bare hands.

  • @tslumley: Jeff Leek can do zero-fold crossvalidation.

  • @xieyihui: Jeff Leek supports both vector and matrix machines.

  • @TrestleJeff: stringsAsFactors defaults to FALSE in Jeff Leek’s presence.

  • @rdpeng: Jeff can convert data frames to matrices with his mind.

  • @drob: Jeff Leek’s error messages contain the cure for cancer. Unfortunately, he’s never seen one.

  • @drob: Any statistic is a sufficient statistic when it’s Jeff Leek using it.

  • @seankross: Jeff Leek has no need for the Tidyverse. Any data he touches tidies itself out of a combination of respect and fear.

  • @joranelias: All Jeff Leek sequences of random variables converge surely in probability.

  • @kennyshirley: Correlation implies whatever Jeff Leek tells it to imply.

  • @just_add_data: Jeff Leek doesn’t trade off bias and variance.

  • @bcaffo: Jeff Leek counted to infinity. Twice.

    • @DrJWolfson: Using only the irrationals.

    • @bcaffo: Which reminds me that Jeff Leek can make square root of 2 rational.

  • @bcaffo: Jeff Leek can fit a regression line with one point. And get a variance.

I’m looking forward to yet more facts.


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