RProtoBuf 0.2.2

January 12, 2011

(This article was first published on Thinking inside the box , and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

Thanks to two patches by Murray Stokely, we
have a nice new minor release 0.2.2 of
out on
bindings for
Google Protobuf data encoding
library used and released by Google.

The NEWS file entry follows below:

0.2.2   2011-01-11

   o    Applied two patches by Murray Stokely which 
         - correct a typo preventing some functions from being called, 
         - add bounds checking in call to google protobuf library, 
         - add a new name method 
         - add a tiny unit test for the above
         - add more graceful error handling
         - add support for import patterns other than .proto$, 
         - add simple reading file that does not exist (exception) test
         - add simple repeated field unit test

And courtesy of
CRANberries, here is

diff to the previous release 0.2.1

 ChangeLog                                           |   35 
 DESCRIPTION                                         |    8 
 R/00classes.R                                       |   11 
 R/internals.R                                       |    7 
 R/wrapper_EnumDescriptor.R                          |    6 
 inst/NEWS                                           |   12 
 inst/THANKS                                         |only
 inst/doc/Makefile                                   |    4 
 inst/doc/RProtoBuf-quickref.pdf                     |binary
 inst/doc/RProtoBuf-unitTests.pdf                    |binary
 inst/doc/RProtoBuf.pdf                              | 2362 +++++++++-----------
 inst/doc/unitTests-results/RProtoBuf-unitTests.html |   20 
 inst/doc/unitTests-results/RProtoBuf-unitTests.txt  |   23 
 inst/unitTests/runit.addressbook.R                  |   11 
 inst/unitTests/runit.enums.R                        |only
 inst/unitTests/runit.golden.message.R               |    7 
 inst/unitTests/runit.import.R                       |only
 man/EnumDescriptor-class.Rd                         |   42 
 man/EnumValueDescriptor-class.Rd                    |   23 
 man/readProtoFiles.Rd                               |    3 
 src/DescriptorPoolLookup.cpp                        |   26 
 src/S4_classes.h                                    |    6 
 src/wrapper_EnumDescriptor.cpp                      |   25 
 src/wrapper_EnumValueDescriptor.cpp                 |   25 
 24 files changed, 1357 insertions(+), 1299 deletions(-)

As always, there is more information at the
page which has a
draft package vignette,
a ‘quick’ overview vignette
and a
unit test summary vignette.

Questions, comments etc should go to the
rprotobuf mailing list
off the RProtoBuf page at R-Forge.

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