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January 10, 2011

(This article was first published on DataDebrief, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

Get the new macro now hosted on github

Edit 18th Jan 2011: The below text refers to the old version of the macro and is no longer relevant, a new post will  describe the new macro, and it is also documented on the github site.

As a follow up to the earlier post regarding Emeditor Professional as an editor for R development, I have updated the script based on user feedback. The script now sends selected text or the whole (if no text selected) file to a running RGui Console if set to, otherwise as per previous iteration, will send it to rterm.

So, there are now 2 ways to run the macro, based on setting the value for a variable called “
useSource” – the default is “true“, which means any selected text (or file) will be sent to an already running instance of RGui; If useSource is set to “false“, the macro will operate the “old” way, by invoking rterm each time.

This has a number of benefits over invoking rterm each time:

  • Keeps the same workspace loaded – No need to keep repeating tasks, such as loading libraries, performing lengthy calculations etc, if you only changed some other part of the code;
  • Plots now display;
  • You can see what has executed.

The macro relies on the R command “source”, as sending text via sendkeys is unreliable. By default, the macro has echo=TRUE,keep.source=TRUE set. For further information on the source command, in R, run “help(source)“.

that when useSource=true, all R output is only shown in R, only errors with emeditor/macro will show in the Emeditor output window.

More features planned for the future:

  • Auto launch RGui if useSource=true but no rgui running;
  • Be closer in features to the vim r plugin; and
  • Move the macro code to github
  • Maybe create an actual emeditor plugin and run R in a hidden shell for more integration.

Get the new macro now hosted on github
As always, any issues please leave a comment, or log an issue

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