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EigenCoder: Programming Stereotypes

There are a lot of stereotypes in the programming community. "Swift is used by a bunch of bearded hipsters." "C++ is for old people." "No one likes coding in Java." Well it turns out that some of these might be true. Approach GitHub is likely the most popular open-source hosting platform in use today. GitHub has many open-source repositories for...

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plumber — Convert R Code to a Web API

I’m excited to announce a new R package: plumber, a package that enables you to convert your existing R code into web APIs by merely adding a couple of special comments. EDIT: This package was originally named “rapier” and has since been renamed to “plumber”. Take a look at an example:

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shinyStore – Persistent Client-Side Storage in Shiny

September 11, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of shinyStore, an R package that enables HTML5 Web Storage from Shiny, an interactive web application framework for R. A live demo of an example application is available here. Set a text value then refresh the page, or close the tab and come back in a new tab. You’ll find that any tab...

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