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Animating Network Evolutions with gganimate

September 14, 2021 | schochastics

People regularly ask me if it is possible to animate a network evolution with {{ggraph}} and {{gganimate}}. Unfortunately this is not yet possible. But fear not! There is a way to still get it done with some hacking around the ggraph package. In th... [Read more...]

Raspberry Pi E-Paper Dashboard with R

October 15, 2020 | schochastics

For once, this is not a post on an R package for network analysis or random R code. This post is about a DIY adventure of mine with a little R code on the side. I have always been intrigued by the Raspberry Pi, but never really engaged with it ...
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Sketchy, Hand-drawn-like Networks in R

August 22, 2020 | schochastics

This post introduces the R package rougnet, which wraps the java script library rough.js to draw sketchy, hand-drawn-like networks. From all my network packages, this is probably the most useless but most fun one I developed. The package is so far only available on github, but it already has ... [Read more...]

Visualizing Multilevel Networks with graphlayouts

April 25, 2020 | schochastics

This post introduces layout_as_multilevel(), a new function in the {{graphlayouts}} package. As the name suggests, this function can be use to visualize multilevel networks. A multilevel network consists of two (or more) levels with different node sets and intra-level ties. For instance, one level could be scientists and ... [Read more...]

ggraph tricks for common problems

March 13, 2020 | schochastics

In this post I am going to share some bits of code for some common problems that I encountered with {{ggraph}}. By problems, I do not mean problems in the package. Rather, I mean the things you want to do, that require going a little beyond the standard use cases. ... [Read more...]


March 13, 2020 | schochastics

[This article was first published on schochastics, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers]. (You can report issue about the content on this page here) Want to share your [Read more...]

A package for analysing signed networks

January 24, 2020 | schochastics

This post introduces the R package signnet, available on CRAN, which implements several methods to analyze signed networks. Signed networks include two types of relations, positive and negative ones (say friends and enemies). They are fundamentally different from traditional networks and require a very different set of tools to analyse ... [Read more...]

A large repository of networkdata

December 14, 2019 | schochastics

There are many network repositories out there that offer a large variety of amazing free data. (See the awesome network analysis list on github for an overview.) The problem is, that network data can come in many formats. Either in plain text as edgelist or adjacency matrix, or in a ... [Read more...]

New RStudio addins for network analysis

September 3, 2019 | schochastics

A new version of the snahelper package is now available on CRAN. If you do not now the package: So far, it included one RStudio addin that provided a GUI to analyze and visualize networks. Check out the introductory post for more details. This major... [Read more...]

graphlouts v0.5.0 released

August 24, 2019 | schochastics

A new version of graphlayouts is now available on CRAN. This major update introduces several new layout algorithms and adds additional support for weighted networks. Here is a breakdown of all changes: BREAKING CHANGE: removed qgraph(). Now part of ggraph. POSSIBLE BREAKING CHANGE: layout_with_focus() now also returns the ...
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Mapping NBA Shot Locations

June 28, 2019 | schochastics

I recently came across the article “How Mapping Shots In The NBA Changed It Forever” and although I am not a big basketball fan, I was impressed by the visualizations. I actually bought the book “Sprawlball” by Kirk Goldsberry afterwards, where this was taken from. I can only recommend it, ... [Read more...]

Introducing graphlayouts with Game of Thrones

April 13, 2019 | schochastics

This post introduces the new R package graphlayouts which is available on CRAN since a few days. We will use network data from the Game of Thrones TV series (seemed timely at the time of writing) to illustrate the core layout algorithms of the package. Most of the algorithms use ... [Read more...]

An Rstudio Addin for Network Analysis and Visualization

January 25, 2019 | schochastics

The ggraph package provides a ggplot-like grammar for plotting graphs and as such you can produce very neat network visualizations. But as with ggplot, it takes a while to get used to the grammar. There are already a few amazing Rstudio Addins that assist you with ggplot (for example ggplotAssist ... [Read more...]

Network Centrality in R: New ways of measuring Centrality

December 11, 2018 | schochastics

This is the third post of a series on the concept of “network centrality” with applications in R and the package netrankr. The last part introduced the concept of neighborhood-inclusion and its implications for centrality. In this post, we extend the concept to a broader class of dominance relations by ... [Read more...]

Network Centrality in R: Neighborhood Inclusion

December 9, 2018 | schochastics

This is the second post of a series on the concept of “network centrality” with applications in R and the package netrankr. The first part briefly introduced the concept itself, relevant R package, and some reoccurring issues for applications. This post will discuss some theoretical foundations and common properties of ... [Read more...]

Network Centrality in R: An Introduction

December 6, 2018 | schochastics

This is the first post of a series on the concept of “network centrality” with applications in R and the package netrankr. There is already a rudimentary tutorial for the package, but I wanted to extend it to a broader tutorial for network centrality. The main focus of the blog ... [Read more...]

Beautiful Chaos: The Double Pendulum

November 21, 2018 | schochastics

This post is dedicated to the beautiful chaos created by double pendulums. I have seen a great variety of animated versions, implemented with different tool but never in R. Thanks to the amazing package gganimate, it is actually not that hard to produce them in R.
I am not ... [Read more...]

Rdew Valley: Optimizing Farming with R

November 13, 2018 | schochastics

I recently picked up a copy of my favorite game Stardew Valley again. If you don’t know the game, I can highly recommend it! You inherit a pixel farm and you are in charge of everything. Crops, animals, fishing, mining and never forget to socialize. My plan was to ... [Read more...]

Analyzing the Greatest Strikers in Football II: Visualizing Data

October 6, 2018 | schochastics

This is the second part of Analyzing the Greatest Strikers in Football. In the first part, we created the function get_goals() which allows us to conveniently scrape detailed information of players career goals from In this part, we are going to explore the data.
library(tidyverse) # for data wrangling
library(lubridate) # for date formats
library(ggimage)   # adding images to ggplot
library(patchwork) # attaching ggplot objects
library(viridis)   # viridis color schemes
We ... [Read more...]
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