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Mastering the Many Models Approach

September 28, 2023 | R | Tim Tiefenbach

Intro Setup Fundamentals Extensions Endgame Wrap-up Intro The tidyverse “many models” approach was formally introduced in the first edition of R for Data Science (R4DS) in 2017. Since then, the tidyverse has evolved significantly, and along with it, the way we can harness the many models approach. This blog post ... [Read more...]

Introducing: {hugodownplus} 📦

February 21, 2023 | R | Tim Tiefenbach

Intro Idea & History & Collaboration Main Features A Glimpse under the Hood Wrap-up Intro In the last weeks I have put together a small R package {hugodownplus} which extends {hugodown} - the package which powers the blog posts of this and other #RStats Hugo websites. {hugodownplus} offers a drop-in replacement for ... [Read more...]

The ultimate guide to ordering rows in R

February 1, 2023 | R | Tim Tiefenbach

Intro Setup base R ‘data․table’ dplyr pandas Wrap-up Intro Sorting rows in a data.frame is generally considered a straightforward task, which it mostly is - until it isn’t. It seems that the operation of ordering rows doesn’t get much attention in introductory books on data science. ... [Read more...]