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Tired: PCA + kmeans, Wired: UMAP + GMM

June 29, 2021 | r on Tony ElHabr

Introduction Combining principal component analysis (PCA) and kmeans clustering seems to be a pretty popular 1-2 punch in data science. While there is some debate about whether combining dimensionality reduction and clustering is something we should...
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Making a Cheat Sheet with Rmarkdown

July 6, 2019 | r on Tony ElHabr

Unfortunately, I haven’t had as much time to make blog posts in the past year or so. I started taking classes as part of Georgia Tech’s Online Master of Science in Analytics (OMSA) program last summer (2018) while continuing to work full-time, so extra time to code and write ...
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A Newbie’s Guide to Making A Pull Request (for an R package)

January 19, 2019 | r on Tony ElHabr

I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the {tidyverse} Developer Day the day after rstudio::conf2019 officially wrapped up. 1One of the objectives of the event was to encourage open-source contributor newbies (like me ????) to gain some experience, namely through submitting pull requests to address issues with {tidyverse} packages. ...
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Re-creating a Voronoi-Style Map with R

December 21, 2018 | r on Tony ElHabr

Introduction I’ve written some “tutorial”-like content recently—see here, here, and here—but I’ve been lacking on ideas for “original” content since then. With that said, I thought it would to try to re-create something with R. (Not too long ago I saw that Andrew Heiss did ...
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Converting nested JSON to a tidy data frame with R

October 19, 2018 | r on Tony ElHabr

In this “how-to” post, I want to detail an approach that others may find useful for converting nested (nasty!) json to a tidy (nice!) data.frame/tibble that is should be much easier to work with. 1 For this demonstration, I’ll start out by scraping National Football League (NFL) 2018 regular ... [Read more...]
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