How to Create Automated Analysis Using R?

Have you found yourself repeating the same analysis for different groups in your data? And have you wondered about a better way of doing so in R? I have this problem often. RMarkdown, knitr, and RStudio make generating such automated reports very easy. You need two things: A parent file for data … Continue reading

Best Books to Learn R Programming

Books. Books. Books.There are many books to help you learn R programming. But how do you know which book to choose to invest your time? Don't worry. This short list of only the best R books to help you learn R programming. Here we go:R for Data ScienceLearn from the master! Learn from the guy … Continue reading

Little silly fun with R

Yes, I know. I’m a hypocrite to be creating ‘interesting’ stuff using R. If you’ll excuse me just this one time, you’ll see some silly fun using R. It is an experiment to see how much we can extend R as well as learning new packages. Add a background image to a plot I don’t know when … Continue reading

How to Create Infographics in R

Although you will learn in this article how to create inforgraphics in R, I will be honest: I don’t like meaningless, busy, and unactionable infographics. Then why did I write this article? A couple of reasons: I love the message of this chart I wanted to see what’s possible in R The … Continue reading